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Which Hypo do I have?

I have had 2 lots of bloods done now, the 3rd tomorrow.

Would the Doctor know by now which Hypo I actually have?

When I asked whether it was Hashimoto's he just lifted his shoulders!

Thank you.

Happy New Year everyone.

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What are your symptoms? if we know we should be able to help you.

I'm hyper which means my metabolism is slow hence the weight gain, the tiredness, fatigue a hoarse voice, brain fog, can't remember names and also just found out I have Pernicious Snemia which is where B12 can't be absorbed by my body.

Do you know your blood results if u do post them on here and I'm sure we'll be able to help.


Surely you're hypo with weight gain etc! When hyper your metabolism would speed and you would lose weight. Brain fog?

Happy new year.



Sorry you're right I meant hypo told you I had brain fog and forget things,

Happy New Year to you.



My understanding is that your GP should be testing for antibodies, Anti-thyroidperoxidase and Anti-thyroglobulin, shown as TPO ABs and TG ABs or Anti-TPO and Anti-TG on lab documents. Presence of these antibodies would indicate Hashimoto's, which is what I have.

Happy New Year.


You're right, Cwmnibachgr, it's antibody tests that tell you if you have Hashi's. Symptoms don't really have anything to do with it as far as I know.

Happy New Year, all!


What should you antibodies be to show you have hashimotos


Your antibodies should be over the reference range - whatever that range maybe :) x


my reference range is 33 (0.0 - 60.0) so thats ok then.


Thank you. My TSH was 44, then 19. Another text tomorrow, looked at the list of tests and it states :





Iron studies - haematinics

Anti thyroid peroxidose

Antibodies (Anti - TPO)

Fasting Glucose

Hope this makes sense. It doesn't to me at the moment.

Hair loss, depression, thought I had CarpelTunnel but since I have been on 100 Levo that pain has gone. That is the only improvement though. Really tired, even wake up tired. Yet wake during the night! Have been at my wits end, so relieved when I learned something was wrong.

Also, huge aversion to the cold! Leave hubby at home, he hates the sun, and visit Tenerife to sunbathe for a week.



Can you get more testing done??

FT4 and RT3?? And defo FT3

As for the iron you need Ferritin, % Saturation, TIBC and serum iron, I don't know what that Iron Studies is.



24 hour saliva testing for cortisol.


I have never seen an NHS lab doing rT3. So am fairly sure that would only happen if Stormyone paid for a private test.


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