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What are 'normal' levels?

As a recently diagnosed victim of Hashimoto's - I'm really stuggling to understand not only the jargon - eg; free T4 free T3 - what is that all about? Also what is the considered 'normal' level?

I started with a level of over 60 - a level of what? What should it be? It would really help me as an absolute beginner to have an 'idiots guide' to jargon busting and some guidance as to what levels are what and what is considered 'normal'.

Any help appreciated

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I'm a beginner too, and researching, but here's a link for you...

How did you get diagnosed? Antibodies?

I think everyone has their own 'normal' despite blood tests!

but TSH should be 1 (see link for T4 T3 etc.)

If you can post your test results maybe someone will help analyse them.

Good luck, Jane x


Hi Shejay

You ought to read Dr Barrie Peatfields book, your thyroid and how to keep it healthy.

tells you all you need to know in simple language. Buy from Amazon.



It's also available from our website




you need to get a copy of your results from the surgery. each lab has its own range of " normal " ( this is basically looking at sample of 100 people without evidence of thyroid disease and then taking a mean of their results)the lab will list their range next to your reasults so you will be able to see where on the line you stand.

but as someeone has said earlier we all tend to operate within our own ideal range and this may not be what is considered within the lab range - hence the fight many people have to be diagnosed properly as GP s so often only go on blood tests and not symptoms


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