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Hi This is my first time on here, I was just wondering if somebody could please tell me if 27 is considered normal for a cortisol level after doing a 2 x 24hr urine testing and taking 8mg of dexamethasone suppression test. I was also told that my thyroid levels was 9.7. These numbers mean nothing to me. I already know that I have a adrenal mass. Thankyou for any help somebody can give me with this Julia x

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  • Hello darceynjo,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are having health problems.

    A cortisol test result of 27 sounds low but without ranges (numbers in brackets) it is hard to determine.

    Cortisol is made in the adrenal glands and secreted in response to stress. It may become low due to a stressful combined with other health issues.

    Do you have a thyroid problem? Are you medicating?

    If you post any test results complete with ranges, members will comment.


  • Hi Thankyou for your reply, the number I gave for my cortisol was just the one I was given at the hospital and was told it was normal ????. While testing my cortisol they told me that I just had a low thyroid count, sorry for the little information but they are the only numbers I have been given. They were testing me for Cushings but then tell me I have thyroid problems, I have all the symptoms of Cushings but I am just in the dark about it all, I have a app with the endo next week, but to be honest they tell you very little I have to take my daughter in with me as I cant remember everything. Julia x

  • Yes brain fog is a classic symptom.

    Try to get results if possible but I know it can be difficult. My GP just prints me off a copy but my hospital who don't always notify my GP..?. And like to keep me in the dark....why..?

    Doctors only recognise extremely low cortisol levels (Addinsons) or extremely high (Cushings) and nothing inbetween.

    Low cortisol levels are common in people with thyroid issues as the adrenals have to compensate. Many members supplement to support the adrenal health.

    If you are low on thyroid hormones you will probably be prescribed Levothyroxine. This takes a while to balance disrupted hormone levels but you should start to see improvement after a few weeks.


  • Thanks I really dont know why they keep you in the dark,but I guess they have a reason lol. Would this Levothyroxine help with my weight issues around my middle (I am slim everywhere else, have just but a huge amount of weight around the middle) ??? I am sorry for asking so many questions but this is all confusing to me. Julia x

  • Hi and welcome

    Unexplained weight issues are also another clinical symptom of hypothyroidism (there are about 300 but GPs seem to be unaware of them these days).

    When you have a blood test for your thyroid hormones have the earliest possible and fast (you can drink water). If you are prescribed levothyroxine and having a test, leave about 24 hours between your dose and take levo afterwards.

    Doctors mostly take notice of our TSH result which is not the best way to treat us. Always get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges and post for comments if you have a query.

  • Thankyou so much for your comment Julia x

  • I think the weight around your middle is probably due to sex hormones being disrupted due to low thyroid hormones.

    Everything is interconnected regarding yes taking Levo should indirectly help with weight loss around your middle.


  • Thankyou It just seems one thing after another, after a while it really starts to get you down. I dont know how my poor husband has put up with me as I seem to be moaning about one thing or another. With abit of luck my app next week with my endo will shed some light on this Thanks once again Julia x

  • Lol....I don't know how my poor husband puts up with me either.

    Good luck


  • Thanks take care and a good Sunday x

  • I do hope you get a good and sympathetic Endo. In all there are about 300 clinical symptoms but I doubt if the professionals connect up the joins towards the thyroid gland.

    Doctors don't appear to understand how unwell we are and are mainly interested in the whereabouts of our TSH level than our continuing complaints.

  • Oh the out look doesnt look very promising then towards the other complaints that go with Thyroid problems I suspect that fun time are ahead lol Julia x

  • We can get there with the help of the forum and a good doctor and I am now well, thankfully.


  • You are catching on quickly. The more you know, the more questions you will ask and they don't have time to answer them (if they know how to answer them). You would do good to explore some websites and I like the down to earth language of Stop the Thyroid Madness. Use the search bars in the corner for more adrenal topics.

  • You are legally entitled to all you results so don't hesitate to ask.

    Then you can post your results with the ranges on here. You will then have them quickly explained to you and suggestions for help.

    I had an Endo who wouldn't let me see the screen with my results and even lied about my low TSH level. He asked me what I thought it was and my reply was so close that it took away his authority. I only found out when I got a copy 3 weeks later!

    Another doctor halved my medication and sent me into severe hypothyroidism. I trusted her as I'd read that I should always trust my doctor with my thyroid medication. There was no apology, either.

    That is when I found this site. Always post your results here as doctors are varied and fallible.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  • Thankyou I will ask for a printout of my results from my GP x

  • If you have a known adrenal mas it sounds as though you may have Cushings syndrome which would account for the large stomach. I have Cushing Disease due to a pituitary tumour; I've been diagnosed for a bout a year & am having surgery on tuesday.

    If you are on Facebook there are two groups on there called Cushings! & Cushings Disease, I have found out a lot about Cushings on these groups.

  • darcynjo slim with a large belly or midriff, will often mean excess cortisol production , also there is insulin resistance to consider but without a medical diagnosis iti s best not to assume, if you google your problem there is a lot of info out there and you could print of info from a reputable site like pubmed for instance and take it withyou and point out that you have a large stomach, if they haven't noticed already and get a piece of paper and write down any questions you want to ask , as we all forget when we get to the gp, take the list withyou.

  • I will def have a look on that page. I have to write everything down even my shopping list lol as I tend to forget easy Julia x

  • Thanks I will have a look at those pages x

  • What are they going to do about the mass? Hypo causes big stomach as does Cushings, one hormone being off, screws up the rest, in a huge intolerable mess!!!

    Luckily, my husband died before he had to put up with!! Not really funny at all, but i do think of it now and then.

  • I thought the whole point of a dexy suppression test was to see if poss to suppress cortisol production in which case you Wd expect low cortisol. When you see endo ask them to explain clearly the purpose and function of the tests you have had, ask for a print out of all the results he has for you, it is your legal right under data protection quote it, and if u can record the session on MP3 or phone they won't deny you that right if u ask although they may be suprised. Explain the reason u need to do so is to remember and process what you ate being told. Then return and start new post with all results and ranges.

  • Hi That was what is did the dex text for but I only have the numbers of a test which I posted on here. As I have already said early I am going to ask my GP for a print out of my results. I go to c my endo on Thurs 10th so may get to know a little more Julia x

  • Hi, I had high cortisol results, darcy, but I have the same thing with the weight around the middle. GP spoke to an endo but they are not doing anything because my cortisol levels not deemed high enough although outside range. I spoke to an endo nurse and she said I could ask for a urinary cortisol test but not got round to it yet.

  • Hi Foggy, I have had a 2 x 24hr urine test so hopefully will get my results on Thurs when i c the endo, but now they have found that I have thyroid problems the endo nurse just wanted to talk about that (this was on the phone that she was talking not in person), s as u can gather thats why I am all mixed up go for testing for one thing and get told I have something else Julia x

  • Sorry I forgot I hope that u get your tests soon and get sorted out x

  • Good luck with your other test results, Julia. Is the 24 hour urine where you have to collect it yourself and then take it in? I believe it is - I think I need to do one of those although the surgery is quite a way but could take the samples in a taxi! x

  • Hi Foggy, Yes u do collect the urine yourself but I had mine done through the hospital, we too had to get a taxi, didnt fancy going on the bus with 2 very heavy bottles of urine. Hope u get on ok please keep in touch x

  • Thanks for clarifying, Julia. No, don't blame you for not getting the bus!! I expect they give you a special bottle to collect your urine in? I have a health check at the GP surgery tomorrow with a nurse (if I'm well enough ti get there) and will ask about it when I'm there although she may just refer me to my GP) x

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