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We have now been to Great Ormond Street, what a day. Just to keep things short he now has a diagnosis of Paroxymal childhood vertigo and migraine. No account was taken of his weight and blood test results. We have now changed G.P which was easier than we thought but we do not no where to go from here. The care-plan in school broke down and so he isn't in school and we are not sure how this diagnosis will help him.

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Have you followed the suggestion that I and another member made of contacting the Parent Partnership Officer? He is the ideal person to liase with the school is such cases and bring about a workable solution?


I suppose a diagnosis of something is better than nothing. Has any medication been prescribed for these diagnoses? It's clearly not the solution to the problem though, so you need to keep up the battle.

Have you actually seen the new GP yet to find out how sympathetic to the thyroid cause he/she is? Ideally a 'trial' of thyroxine would be one way to find out if thyroid is at the root of the problem. Failing that, ask for regular thyroid testing (say every 3 months) and hope for test results indicating ever rising TSH and decreasing T4 levels.


Bless him its bad enough as a adult to suffer from vertigo/migraine ,ask to go to queens square or chelsea and westminster if they will help children ,it was there that i got help i saw prof Bernstein dont know if he is still there but he and his team were really great ,hope he gets help soon xx


Hiya, im really sorry to hear that your son is having a really hard time. I can understand as I myself wasn't well around that age, it eventually got worse & worse until I had to drop out of school age 15/16 and the school said I didn't qualify for a home tutor even though I was nearly bedbound. It was awful! I'm now 21 and have only got diagnosis of overactive thyroid in June after 10 years of being ill. I had all the classic symptoms dizziness/fuzzy head, headache, fatigue, tremors, shaking, panic attacks & I was hardly ever cold always sweating & warm, the list goes on & on etc. I also developed high blood pressure & pulse & was put on tablets for it. I got fobed off everytime I went to GP & in 2004 my thyroid actually came back as overactive and she said it was nothing to worry about because the next test came back normal although the T3 was never tested, she put me on antisepressants instead. I think most of them actually have no common sense at all, I have lost all faith in all doctors. I was so extremely ill from the middle of last year again & had had enough so paid to see an endocrinologist privately, he did loads of blood tests and thyroid came back as over active. I've been on tablets for it since summer, still not great though but it's a matter of getting the right dose and as I've had it a long time it'll probably take a while to get it sorted but hopefully I'm on the right road. I just wanted to share this with you & let your son know that I'm thinking about him & although it's hard to get through everyday, he will get through it. I know it's ssssooooooo hard as you hope everyday is going to better than the last. But I pray that he gets a diagnosis very soon.

Best wishes,

Nichola xx


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