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i have a long family history of hypothyroidisim, my temp in the mornings is 35.1, i've put on weight around the middle, i hurt everywhere, im exhausted, my nails split,

I;ve always had painful periods and have been unable to become pregnant. I have been diagnosed (after a 10 minute examination) with fibromyalgia My blood test all came back normal and after months of my gp refusing to refer me to anyone he has agreed to put me on a 2 week course of eltroxin (even though he says everything is just in my mind). I have had a decapeptyl injection to stop my periods as they are so painful and then been told to take hrt along with pain killers and anti-inflamatory tablets. I have been on eltroxin for 10 days and feel slightly better. Am i being impatient or are all these medications fighting each other

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What dose of Eltroxin?

Do you have any of your actual test results?

I'd be amazed if some of the medicines were not interfering with each other in various ways. Are you able to list exactly what you are taking?

Impatient? I'd be amazed if you were not given your post. Although some changes can start quite quickly, the full effects of thyroxine (in whatever form) take a long time to come clear. And if, for example, you are on 25mcg Eltroxin but need more, well you cannot expect to resolve the thyroid issues until you reach the appropriate dose. You might just feel a bit better. Which is what you wrote.

Do post back.

All the best



Hi Rosii

Have a look at Dr John Lowe's site He says fibromyalgia is linked to low T3.

What were your blood test results? Get the numbers so you can see if your normal or not. Some people call test results normal when they are clearly not.

Thyroxine takes 6 weeks to build up properly. 2 weeks is a pathetically short time and your doctor should know better. It is NOT in your head and don't let them palm you off with antidepressants.

HRT - some of it is ok but specifically avoid premarin. Google (whatever you're on ) and hypothyroid or thyroxine, and see what comes up.

Awful periods, infertility are both signs of hypothyroidism.



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