At my wits end!!

We have today been to the long awaited paediatric appt. What an absolute load of crap.!! I'm feel so mad I wanted to hit the doctor. I'm sorry to rant when I know you've all been through the same but how do you get through to these people. I have always been of the mind that a doctor is only a doctor because he has a good memory but I think the old saying of brains but no common sense really does apply to this group. I am 46 years old and I have a doc asking me what my husband does for a living and how many people live in our house, does Jack eat a well balanced diet, how bl**dy patronising. We had real hope for this appt. When I asked about thyroid tests he said they were perfectly normal, when I asked about temp drops he said he didn't know but when school start taking his temp and they report back to him he will go to other specialists(can't do it on my say so) what a crock of sh**. Unbelievably ignorant to the suffering of thier patients. He had a 12 year old who looks awful (black eyes, gray skin etc) and he was more interested in my family life. It ended with him saying see you in 3 months. Can you go to America for any help and would results matter over here.?

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  • Sorry to hear of your bad experience.I am afraid doctors are sometimes like this and often it is hard to get through to them.They often forget that they are treating a person not just a illness.You will find that whatever specialist you see they will ask you a lot of questions as that is how they build up a picture of a persons health. Its not always down to the test results.I think your only way forward now is to take Jack to your local A and E everytime he has a bad turn. Make a nuisance of yourself there and you will find they will keep searching until they find the root of the problem.Often that is the way to get things done I know that from experience.I don`t think you will achieve anything by going abroad.I think you just need to demand that the doctors keep looking and keep testing until they find out what is wrong.Take care and I hope that somehow things start looking up soon.

  • O.K thankyou, the problem is every time we go on an appt it's a different doctor.

  • so sorry to hear you havent got any help today , im going through the same thing with my son but hes 22 still young right enough , but i thought i finally found a sympathathetic gp as i have thyroid,b12deficiency,adrenalproblems and the gp treats all these things and when my son had abad accident last year hes never been the same and i have been watching him getting whiter and no energy no get up and go and i know that thyroid can be brought on by a trauma or stress or surgery and the likes , so i took him for all the blood tests and gp says hes fine even though his thyroid t4 level is 16.1 which i know is low so here i have another fight on my hands you finally think your getting some where with these people but more often than not you come away disappionted and frustrated , the only thing i can think of is if you ask your gp to get copys of your sons blood tests and ask for a second opionion , elaine .

  • That is always a problem with the hospitals. Best thing to do is try to insist on your next visit that you see the consultant. You may be seeing one of his team and they are often not as good as the consultant is.These sort of things are often difficult to diagnose.They can indicate so many different things and also the tests results sometimes can indicate a problem then other times they indicate everything is alright.I am afraid it is often the case that you have to fight all the way to get where you want to be and unfortunately that is what you are going to have to do. I am sure there get things sorted in the end but it may take time for you to get there.

  • Ask to be referrred, under the choose and book system, to the RLHH, The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. 60 Great Ormond Street. In the meantime you could ring them or even go there and speak to some one in the pharmacy, if you get to speak to the pharmicist direct I am sure they would be able to point you in the right direction.

    Your son does not deserve this.


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