at my wits end!

ok so over the past 6 years the 2 most painful and dibilitating symptoms have been migraines and back ache. ive gone down the food intolerence road and that lead nowhere, had brain scans, lumbar punctures, evps etc and blood tests for liver function all of which were inconclusive. i had to give up full time work and am now a self employed cleaner as when i get tired the migraines seem to get alot worse. I also get severe mood swings, no periods for 3 or more years, floaty stools, hyperactive then extremely tired. my eyes are puffy , i eat healthily and try to go running when i have the energy but cant go far before im too tired! im 33years old , weigh around 8 stone, and approx 5ft 4 . i have been given sumatriptan for my migraines but only take it when they are very bad otherwise i'd be taking it every week!. I have a doctors appointment later today , what should i ask them to test and what are good results / bad results?

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  • Do you have a thyroid condition already? If not this link gives good info on what to do:

    In addition to thyroid tests (TSH, free T4, free T3, antibodies) make sure they test folate and B12 as being low on these can also cause migraine. And the other 2 to ask for are ferritin and vit D.

    Also Coeliac disease test, although even if negative it's worth giving up gluten anyway to see if it helps.

    Ask for a copy of all your test results and post them up for help with interpreting, even if the GP says all normal, it's often not the case.

    H x

  • "floaty stools" Ask to be tested for coeliac disease.

  • hi, i had liver function tests and coeliac tests etc last year all were fine, i've just had another chat with the doc and shes told me to get some more blood tests done which i am on thursday and a follow up with her afterwards when the results are back (usually 5 days). I have done the tick lists for overactive thyroid and around 90% fit my symptoms. im just fed up with the 'feeling hyper' then 'feeling drained', 'loads of energy' to 'cant get off sofa', i have changed my diet, quit smoking, get exercise when i can do it, but nothing is changing ??

  • Make sure that your doctor measures your thyroid antibodies. It's possible you could have an auto-immune condition (such as Hashimotos) which causes your thyroid function to swing between over active and underactive.

    I'd also consider getting the saliva cortisol test done, as backache makes me wonder about a potential adrenal connection. Ther'es a good questionnaire here and instructions on how to order the test here

    The NHS won't do the saliva test, so you have to have it done privately.

  • Healthunlocked has a Migraine section here. Go up to 'Communities' & click on 'find a community'. I've had migraines for 45 years & never really found the cause. They can be linked to low thyroid, I don't know about hyperthyroid which you may have symptoms of. Obviously food intolerence is a big thing for some people but I think you know yourself if you react to certain foods. Hormones are another. I can't drink any alcohol and I can't take sleeping tablets, which is a pain as I don't sleep well.

    Poor sleep is another trigger and is one for me. And so is strenuous exercising, so you need to be gentle on yourself where exercise is concered. I have days when I have more energy & feel I could take on the world but have learnt to be careful not to overdo things and get tired out as the result is a migraine. I have a tendency to be anxious & worry over things which is also not good.

    Best advice, if you're concerned is get your doc to do a thyroid blood test (as already mentioned) & as Rosetrees said above, have an adrenal stress test. (your doctor probably won't do this) It sounds like you're burning yourself out & in a vicious circle.

  • Many thanks, my blood tests are on thursday, i will look into the saliva tests. Just want to get to the bottom of it and get healthy!

  • Give up the gluten and dairy. The blood tests are not always accurate. It is worth giving it a try for a few weeks to see how you feel.


  • I dont eat a large amount of gluten, but giving up cheese and milk would be very hard!! I have given tons of blood today and have a follow up on thursday. I seem to be sleeping less and less and having a really bad week, last week i was hyperactive i had to go running more often to wear myself out! This week is the opposi

  • What should my results look,like ?? What is a good T3, T4,etc??

  • Ok my bloods are all normal. !

  • Do you have the actual results? If not, you need to get a copy. Normal in NHS speak is usually anything but!!

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