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at my wits end

I have calcified nodules in my thyroid gland which appeared in my late 20's. I have a goitre. For many years I struggled to keep weight on. However, things have changed. I have put on nearly 3 stones, have gone from being keen and active and enthusiastic, keeping livestock, rearing my own meat milk eggs, growing fruit and veg; to being a slug. I have no enthusiasm, can barely motivate myself. Cannot concentrate on anything, I have the shakes, I am so HOT all the time. It's 6C outside, I have all doors and windows open, and sitting in a light summer dress with the desk fan blowing on me. I sleep only around 4 hours a night,(some nights I just sit and read until it's daylight again). I poop at least 6 times a day. My heart does this weird thing when I'm resting and races crazily.I have several more symptoms and have a 'hunch' that something is not right at all. Visits to the doc for the last 3 years have met with little interest, I get sent for various blood tests but he doesn't tell me what the tests are for or what the results are and if I ask he says "oh everything is fine" but it's NOT fine. I just 'know' my debility has got something to do with my thyroid. Call it instinct or whatever. So it looks like I am going to have to find a private company and pay to have it all checked out properly. Frankly, anyone past 50 with any kind of long term illness, especially if they are female, may as well get euthanased because you get no real health care at all and are regarded are worthless, useful and a hypochondriac.

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...not a happy place to be - sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. So lets start at the beginning. Think you need to make a comprehensive list - similar to the above - and politely ask your doctor what he is going to do about the very obvious thyroid symptoms you have. You have obviously not had good care. It could be many things - and because you have not received thyroid treatment I presume - then this has had a knock-on effect on your Adrenals.

It is your right to have the results of your blood ask for any you may recently have had - and place the findings here with their ranges. You need the following tested - TSH FT4 FT3 Anti-TPO Anti-Tg B12 Ferritin Folates Iron VitD and without doubt you need a referral for a scan to check the nodes. These tests are just the basics and I am sure others on this forum will add additional tests that are important.

It does sound as if you are over-active - but as I mentioned earlier having Adrenal Fatigue can produce similar symptoms - possibly apart from the weight gain. Or it could be Hashimotos which can make you both Hyper and Hypo.

There are many private Diagnostic Labs you can use - details on the Thyroid UK website - along with lots more information. Your Doc will have to accept them.

Am sending you lots of good wishes - and stick with this site as there are so many good people that will have the perfect remedy for you - without age discrimination :-) :-)

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ohhh thank you so very much. You have no idea what your post means. I shall print this off (with your permission) and see about asking the staff about what tests have been done and the results, Will have to wait until I'm brave though as the staff are really not friendly at all. Frankly I was thinking that I ma even have to change surgeries. I love my doc as he 'gets' me. I am a bit unconventional (old hippy) and if it wasn't for him, I;d have gone ages ago. However, I can't always get to see him.I am determined to actually get something done with regard to investigating. People who've not seen me for a couple of years have commented on how different I am. Especially with regards to the weight. I went from 7 1/2 stone to nearly 10 stone in a year! I shall keep popping in here and value the support I feel I have already been given. The mere fact that someone has taken me seriously is amazing. And off topic a bit, I am a bit of an animal 'expert' so if anyone has any animal issues or info they need, I'd be very happy to help if I can.Am a dog behaviourist, keep small livestock and poultry and have written a few magazine articles on smallholding, healthy eating etc.


...of course you can print off my suggestions...there may well be more from others. Don't be afraid of the ladies in Reception - just be extra polite and smiley - you know you can do it. They are insecure sometimes hence the tough shell they secrete. You have mentioned your knowledge about animal behaviour - so apply it those ladies - small dogs usually have barks worse than their bite !! Just hang in there firmly until you achieve what it is you want. Oh my dog also has a thyroid problem ! - hubby too. Am a farmers daughter so have a bit of knowledge about life in the country lane !

Have you looked at the main website of Thyroid UK - there you will see and read about all the tests you need. Also charts to help you with understanding them - in fact just go there and spend some time having a good look around. If you have problems getting the tests you want then go private and make things happen for YOU. Again the information is there.....

I live in an olive grove in Crete and we do not have problems with testing here - Draculas Den is in the next village and you just walk in and ask for the tests. Results back in two days all nicely printed up with ranges for us to keep. Very grown up ! Some tests for me are private - others free as I am a pensioner ! But so much cheaper than the UK. We also have a scanning clinic in the same village. In fact - medically speaking - Greece does a good job in my opinion and I have been well served. My diagnosis of Hashimotos took place here at the age of 59 in 2005 ! Thanks to this forum my eyes have been opened and I have been able to tweak and improve my treatment.

Good Luck and keep posting !


so, just called the medical centre and had no joy. I was told I have to ask permission from the practice manager and she is on holiday. I will have to pay, and tell them WHY I want to look at my notes. She couldn't tell me if anyone else could deal with the enquiry or help me in any way, or supply an email address (work one obviously)for the practice manager in order that I can email my request while I'm still lucid and am able to remember things.She wanted to know WHY I felt I needed to see my notes. I was left feeling that something is not right and they don't want me to see my notes. I would not be at all surprised if and when I am able to see them, that I don't find stuff altered or missing as I have a STRONG feeling that something is amiss which they would prefer I don't discover!

I'm keeping my cards hidden on this as I feel that I should just play it cool in case I find something out. I am going to change surgeries but won't mention this either. Still feeling dreadful, but not sure how much is because of a physical problem and what is down to the medication I was given which should NOT have been given, by a doc lat week (not my lovely usual doc). I Did wonder, why he looked startled after he'd sent the prescription off and I happened to casually mention another health issue I have. Later discovered that I should NOT be taking this medication because of the other health issue. At no time at all did this doc look at my notes while I was there, and this is a doctor who had never seen me before! Very worrying indeed.


they should not ask you 'why' you want to see your notes, if they do you can politely reply 'I just do, I thought I did not need a reason?'

It has to go by the practice manager I am afraid as there is a 'process' to go through this is to potentially prevent doing anything 'incorrect'

I have requested a copy of my whole notes covering my whole life basically, as I 'want' a copy I will have to pay £50 but they will photocopy everything for me and give it to me. I had to go through the practice manager for this and fill in a special form, but they did not ask me 'why do you want them' as they are thankfully more 'clued up' than that and they know I do not need a reason.


I have asked a couple of times in the past and the practice manager is always 'on holiday'. They always want to know why. Hopefully I will remember to ask again in a couple of weeks when she is back off holiday. I have no memory at all and the chances are I'll forget for a couple of months and when I ask again, she'll be off sick, or on holiday or something else. It's crazy that I am able to discover whether my vet has ever been pulled up or complained about than a doctor!!!


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