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Part 2-asking for help

Well, I phoned my doctors who I know now are just totally not helpful. I said to the receptionist that I wanted an appointment, our doctor's policy is that they put you through to a doctor to talk to before they give you an appointment.So they did and I explained to him my symptoms and the fact I had a lump on the right side of my neck, he asked me to explain what it looked and felt like, I told him and he said he did not need to see me, it sounded like my lymph gland and he wanted to just send me for blood tests. Ok then, I thouht he is a doctor and knows what he is on about. I went and got the blood form from the doctors and up to the local hospital I went for my test. I asked the nurse who did it what they were testing me for, she said general profile, full blood count, liver and kidney function. She took my blood and then told me the results would be back monday. It was a friday when I went so I thought osh it must be something serious if thats how quick I get the results.

That weekend was awful, I convinced myself it was bad and so I had a terrible weekend.

Monday morning 9.30am I rung the doctors and all the receptionist told me is that the results were all clear and the doctor had put no further action. So that was that and they were writing me off,I wasn't ill according to them.

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Hi Ruthy.


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