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Can your thyroid start working (a bit)again?

I have been wondering this for some time and can't find an answer. Mine was dead (well just about) when first diagnosed 3 years ago with a barely detectable T4 and TSH60. My meds since then have been up to 1oomcg thyroxine and down to 75 then back up and I'm now on 75mcg and still have a TSH of under 1. Could this indicate that it has started working a bit on its own? I know you never "get better" but it would make me feel a lot happier to think there was some natural activity. Thank you.

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De Quervain's Thyroiditis is a particular form of thyroiditis that is renowned for ending up with the return of thyroid function. And there are many stories of people who appear to have recovered at least some thyroid function. But there are lots of other possible reasons for a smaller dose being as effective as a larger dose. These can include potency of the actual tablets and changes to how well it is being absorbed.

Do you have an autoimmune form? If so, that is well know for going up and down again, sometimes over many years. So make sure you are careful not to allow yourself to go hypo again if the function changes the other way.

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