Why are nights worst than days ??

Only recently I noticed our son was having real issues at night as well as days. I'm not sure if this is related to thyroid problems and would be intersted to hear from anyone else who may have the same problems. The weeks are passing now and we find the symptoms are getting worst. My husband has now taken to sleeping in the spare room so I can have our son in with me, I noticed he was getting up several times in the night. At around 1 o clock in the morning he has his turns( just a name we have given them) he is again very cold, clammy, waxy looking. He is so restless it's untrue. He doesn't seem aware of this. He was taking himself off for a drink and so we now have a litre sports bottle of water by the bed so we can measure how much he drinks. He dinks all of it. He has been tested for diabetes. He is so tired, on average he sleeps 13-14 hrs or more but he's nights are bad, his legs ache still all of the time and he now says he has funny feeling arms and a funny feeling all over that he can't describe. Can anyone think of a way I can try to find out what these funny feelings are without putting words into his mouth.

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  • Has your son being tested for thrush? (candida). One of my boys has this nasty condition as a child and was tested positive. Some of the symptoms are the same as thrydoidism. It will not do any harm to as your GP and it might do good.

  • Keep a diary of every single event, symptom and night. It is about 3 weeks till you Gt Ormonde St appt and they are trained to work with children and have particular techniques for establishing their symptoms and making accurate diagnoses. Anythingvanyone says hear, without meeting your son, can at best br guesswork.

    Have you contacted the Parent Partnership Officer yet? How is you son coping with the new term at school? Have you made an appt with the school nurse yet? He is at Secondary school,isn't he? The nurses advice would at least then be recorded, maybe put on record for the multiple teachers that will be

    Dealing with him every week. How does he cope with PE? Are some lessons easier than others? Have you met with the inclusion Manager. And or his form teacher so that at the very least they can give him the appropriate pastoral support. I shall be interested to hear the outcome at GOS cos his episodes IMHO sound less and less like thyroid..maybe other hormonal issues? Still that's guessing. Roll on Oct my appts then too........

  • Hi Bunny, its good to hear from you. I have been keeping a diary since mid August really because of temp drops. Great Ormond st is for vestibular clinic a referral made by hearing specialist because of dizzy spells. Since then we have had more symptoms. If that clinic is like the EEG 's it will only be a technician. I can't tell you how useless school nurses are, i've never known any proffession have so much leave. He isn't well enough for school at the moment, if he did go in he would have to have a wheelchair.

    I have spoken to GP again today and asked him to do another thyroid test the week before Great Ormond st and he has said no.

    I am going to wait until 6pm and take him to out of hours today which is based at our hospital and so fingers crossed we get somewhere.

  • Have you done what I suggested and written to the school explaining his absence and keeling copies because the EWO will be bak. Don't be afraid if them they are just doing the Govts bidding,they might actually be able to help you if you can show detailed evidence for every dat, if his symptoms, how he passes his time. The school could /should be providing work for him to do at home under your supervision because you don't want his levels to slip furthrt, even though his health is most importsnt

    <b>Updated on Sep 9 2010 1:55PM:</b> Sorry for typos in this ..typing with one finger on new iPad.!!!

  • Thankyou Bunny, Yes I have e-mailed AEN at school with docs letter attached but you wouldn't believe the fiasco. School has a new build and because of this they tell me they have had no phones and can't access e-mails, What a load of toffee!! they are unbelievable, I am keeping note of all calls but that doesn't help in the meantime. I suppose I could phone EWO myself and see where that gets us.

  • I think whenever someone is unwell with any illness the nights are always the worse. Our bodies change in the night, our pulse reduces and our oxygen levels go down and I think when your unwell these all combined to make you feel worse. Personally I think what you should do is tell your son to keep a journal and write down everything he feels in his own words.He is the only one who really knows how he feels and he may be able to put those feelings down better on paper than express them to you normally. Good luck and hope he feel better soon.

  • Has he ever been diagnose with anything

  • Thankyou for all of your suggestions, they make a lot of sense. He hasn't been diagnosed yet we are still waiting.

  • i have thyroid , adrenal and b12 deficiency and im 41 its bad enough feeling like this at this age never mind someone young being ill it must be awful , im still having trouble with adrenals i go back and forward to endocronoligist and go to toilet a lot at night and my heart races non stop i m tired in the morning but to wired at night to sleep , but i also had leg cramps , pain etc due to b12 def , i am not saying your son has any of these but its just a wee note to maybe have a look at addisons or b12 deficiency they all seem to go hand in hand a lot of the time and i hope you get some help soon from somebody .

  • Hi, I work in a school - please just write a letter explaining stuff so they can help. I had half my thyroid removed yesterday, feeling OK but starting to swell a bit now. I'm hoping things will calm down now maybe, expecially stuff at night - have I read somewhere that its 3 am when the hormones start? I describe it as a 'sugar' rush feeling followed by 'palpitations', shakes, pins & needles etc. And the 'monkey chatter'. All the best to you.

  • Just a thought, the artificial sweetener aspartame can (rarely) cause problems controlling body temperature. Does Jack consume any soft drinks or foods sweetened with aspartame? If so, have you noticed that he is worse when he has aspartame?

    Products that contain aspartame must be labelled with a warning "Contains a source of phenylalanine."

    If you want to know, please ask.

    All the best


  • Hi, we are a hose where we don't have additives etc. especially Aspartame. My elder son is ADHD and since stopping all of the rubbish he has come right. We have had a really bad day Friday and so our G.P has said he is going to get Jack into hospital on Monday. He did say it won't be easy getting them to take him( don't know why) but fingers crossed.

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