Its a miracle ! well it is a bit odd anyway

How weird is this ?!

Today i awoke at 8.30am feeling positive and rested.

As the morning went on I noticed that i did not feel tired or depressed as I usually do. The brain fog that I have had suffered all last week had completely vanished like someone had flicked a switch on or off whilst I slept last night.

The acute pain that I have been suffering all week in the joints of both thumbs had gone completely as has the headache and the backache .!

I have been suffering with shingles for the past 5x months and vertigo for the past 3x months and neither of those symptoms seemed particuarly bad today either ?

The more of my symptoms that I thought about the more I realised had suddenly vanished over night . I could think more clearly and concentrate more easily. I had plenty of energy and felt like I could play a couple of hours of table tennis or badminton and still keep going. I actually felt keen to get stuck into some pressing repairs and jobs that have been outstanding for months

What on earth could have happened so suddenly that could remove or reduce all those symptoms all at the same time ? last week I went 4x days without Levo but have been taking my usual dose of 100mg and 125mg on alternate days for the past week so i have probably caught up again but surely that would not explain the disapearence of the arthritis ?

Lately I have had an upper respiritory infection together with chronic UTI shingles and vertigo and a tooth infection so my immune system must be taking a bit of a pasting lately.

Its very strange...The only thing that i can think of that links all of these conditions together is the nervous system ...has this happened to anyone else

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  • Hi johynyxs,

    Great to hear you are feeling good, long may it continue. 😀

    J 🍀

  • thank you jose ..

    shaws thank you for the link to the symptom check list I'd lost it.

    i'm currently building my own version in Excel to include a daily tick list of symptoms meds etc to see if i can find any links over time.

    Interestingly when i saw my Endo last week all he was interested in discussing was me taking cabergoline. he just avoided talking about any of my other conditions as if he thought they were not linked in any way. ! Probably just as well really because my brain fog was so bad I couldn't think straight and even tried to get into someone elses car in the car park lol

    My trust in the medical system has taken a sharp downturn over the past decade or so.

  • I have just looked at the side effects of your above meds.

  • Same here, but the positive lesson out of our experiences, is to have full confidence in our own intuition.

    J 🍀

  • Definitely.

  • I like miracles. :) It is amazing when you feel well as it sometimes appears as if we will be unwell for ever. Is it not surprising that most doctors appear not to know any symptoms but will prescribe for another medication for the symptom instead of increase in hormones.

    I bet you will be able to tick off some of the clinical symptoms on this list:-

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