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War on my fat gene!

War on my fat gene!

Life is full of "coincidences"! I call it fate, though!

I have a friend who works for a book store and last week she was told she could have a new diet book for free if she tried the diet. She and her husband came round for a pub quiz game on Saturday night and she brought with her a copy of the book and gave it to me. My friend has lost 7lb in two weeks on this diet and hasn't been tired, irritable or hungry! I was instantly interested!!!

The book is the new Atkins diet book. I tried the Atkins diet years ago and although I lost 10lb, I started to have problems with my muscles so I stopped it. My friend told me it was different so I spent the whole weekend reading it (housework went out the window!).

This new book actually explains why some people had this problem. Lack of salt.

You can also have more carbs than before because they now look at how much fibre is in vegetables and use "net carbs" as a counting system.

The science is very interesting and although it was a little bit confusing in the book, an easy read version is found on their website

I am impressed that you don't have to pay for the full diet details on-line as you do with the other diet companies (believe me, I've tried them all!).

For the first two weeks it is stricter and you can continue on this phase (Induction) for longer if you have more weight to lose. They suggest you have buillion cubes or soya (for the salt), twice a day. You have three meals and two snacks per day and can have a total of 20g of net carbs. Most meat, poulty and fish are zero. Most cheeses and cream are zero. Root veg is not allowed, except turnips, if I remember correctly.

So, I started this morning (although I have to go shopping today to buy some bits I don't have in my fridge). I had two rashers of bacon and a fried egg for breakfast!

I know I am going to really miss my potatoes (I love, love, love them) but I am willing to try this diet as I feel I am pre-diabetic.

Well, keep an eye on my blog and wish me luck!!! :-)

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Good luck Lyn!


very interesting Lyn, I have started to lose weight since I have been fully medicated and I am going to Slimming World. I too am worried about diabetes as I had an impaired result, is this what you had? Am I ok to start blogging now by the way?

Good luck Lyn, I will have a look at it online.


Yes, you should be able to start blogging! No, I haven't been tested for diabetes but it's something I read about a lot and so I thought I should do something before it happens!


Good luck Lyn. Hope it works for you.


Almost a month since you posted this.... how's it going? Have you managed to stick with it and if so, have you lost any weight?


Lyn ... I was just wondering how it was going too


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