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When best to take?

Hi I`ve recently changed taking my Levothyroxine from nights to mornings, my problem is I have to take Protium for my acid reflux, and I need to take this first thing, otherwise I suffer with indigestion all day, I also need to take my Thyroxine on an empty stomach too.

If I take them both together will this cause a problem?

Any help would be appreciated


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make a diary of what you eat to see what causes the acid reflux and see if you can eliminate the acid reflux that way

<b>Updated on Sep 2 2010 11:49PM:</b> the acid reflux is cause by the weaknes of muscle to hold the acid stomach content in check

<b>Updated on Sep 2 2010 11:51PM:</b> it is good to ask you prescribing doctor about any problem of taking the two products at the same time and to relay that info on this site


Can you take your levo as soon as you wake and then take the Protium half an hour later? Are you finding that the Protium reduces absorbancy of levo? as it is on the list of meds that can affect levo


My GP has advised me that the Protium does not affect my levo absorbancy,but personally I think it does, however my hairloss has accelerated and she has advised that the PPI`s can cause this, and prescribed Gaviscon instead. To be honest it has made no difference to the hairloss, so I will return to discuss this with her after my visit to the Dermatologist on the 16th December, fingers crossed they have an answer to my problem as I am totally fed up with leaving a trail of hair wherever I go.


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