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Blood tests received after long wait.Hyperthyroid and surgery

I have at last received my blood test results going down slowly but still at the high end. In Dec 08 my FT4 was 39.4, Jun 09 it was 32.7, Feb 10 it was 24 and Jun 10 it was 28. My latest bloods 26 july 10 have come in FT4 at 21 hospital guideline 12-23, and my FT3 is 8.8 hospital guideline 2.7-6-6. I am waiting to have a total thyroid removed and have had my meds increased to 150mg twice a day. I am worried because I have been told I need to bring my levels down before surgery and my FT4 is still at the high end and my FT3 is ab2.2 above the highest level. any idea's out there. I should say that I had a reaction to the increased dose and had to go back to 200mg per day, but I am trying again with 300mg per day as my levels still seem high.

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I do not know the answer to your question.

But may I suggest you post what you are taking? That might make it easier for someone who does know to comment.

All the best



I am taking 300mg of Propylthiouracil and 30 mg of propranolol per day. hope this helps


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