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my latest results what do you think?

got the results of my first blood test since being on serum free T4 level (pmol/L) taken on the 03/06/10 was 12.3 test i had done on 28/07/10 is 13.5 My doctor wants to take it slowly as i only have a tiny bit of thyroid left and she does not want to send me through the roof as she put it by increasing the dose by too much too quick, I agree with her as I have been hyper dont want to go back there again.....

my Serum TSH level (miu/L) 3.52 now its 3.33 My doctor has increased my dosage from 25mgs to 50 mgs and will have another test in 3 months time.

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I think that 3 months is too long. You and your doctor may decide to defer any further increase as far as you wish, but surely best to see earlier the impact of the change? So maybe the conventional 6 weeks would be sensible?

(Mind, I don't quite get the bit about increasing the dose too quickly *because* you only having a tiny bit of thyroid left.)

All the best



3 months is too long! if anything people who have their thyroid removed are given higher doses and increased quickly, this is what I have read anyway.

How do you feel? With those results I am guessing that you do not feel good?


oops I should have put 2 months not thyroid surgery was 20 years ago and i was not put on any medication as the surgeon said i did not need to go on any....its only in the past 2 years that i have been having symptoms but as hypo creeps up on you then i could have been like this for years :-( well she said she did not want to send me *hyper* by increasing it too quickly?

ps: note to self proof read before posting :-)


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