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Ding ding,round 3!

I got a phone call from the surgery saying my doctor wants to see me. This is after I sent him a copy of the blood results from my privately done tests. Could he actually be about to reconsider sending me to an endo for further investigations? I will let you know the outcome next week.

I think one of the major problems with GP's is in their training. I think more and more they are being trained to treat the illness not the patient and they rely on the all knowing, all powerful test results to diagnose and treat patients instead of using the tests combined with their own diagnostic abilities. Unfortunately, for us patients, it seems these abilities are being slowly lost because of the medical establishments reliance on the most basic of test results and drug companies insistance that man made is always better than natural remedies. I think this is just another example of mankinds arrogance. As a species we seem to be getting further and further from the truth that we are after all an animal. If we kept this thought at the back of our mind we would be able to work WITH our bodies own very capable immune systems instead of trying to FORCE our bodies into submission using artificial means.

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Only round 3!! I went the full 10 rounds!! Eventually found a Doc who would treat me and not the illness, He prescribed a natural thyroxine, Armour Thyroid ony to find he has now been struck off by the GMC for treating patients such as me. So we have the medical proffession not treating people like you and I who are suffering, only to have them strike off those who do treat. Time for a change?! P


When I worked in a clinic I asked the doctors how much time was spent during their training on different disciplines and was told that the average young medical student will receive about half an hour to one hour lecture on a single subject. Specialisation like endocology, is down to the individual student to this follow up if they become interested.

Now I really don't know whether or not this is true but a GP is just that, a general practitioner and cannot know everything and a very good one will refer a patient onto a specialist if necessary.

What is so difficult for patients is finding a specialist who really takes the condition like hypothyroidism seriously.

I have just had an appointment with an endo who assured me that he sees 6000 patients and, by implication, knows much better than me about my disease. He told me he thought that Armour, the natural medication, is a step backward and did not prescribe it for me.

He did tell me that my tests were not quite right but did not elaborate on it.

I am going back in the next month or two and I am not holding my breathe after all, at my age, the powers that be seem to think I can't expect to feel on top of the world at my time of life.

Actually as my age and at any other age, people should expect to feel on top of the world and doctors should help us to get there regardless.


Good luck i had mine done. the doctor just look at said my test were normal. when my Tf4 and T3 are conveing very loe and they won't treat me at all. I got a strong case of underactive thyroid in both side of my famliy. I also have pa which they still won't treat me I had to see a privert doctor to get the B12.



pa is Pernicious Anaemia.


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