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Living in the dark ages, a crystal ball for hypothyroidism and some dowsing rods for urine infections.

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A few months ago, having diagnosed myself with hypothyroidisim after muttering incantations over a candle, whilst applying leeches from head to toe. My crystal ball worked well enough to enlighten me as to treatment , and who to turn to, and indeed fully informed me regarding current cultures and lack of choice. Being a very very stupid woman of course I can't think for myself and can't understand the very very clever way that blood tests for thyroid issues, are 100 percent accurate.

I am fully deluded having thought that perhaps they might be failing literally thousands of people, just in our country alone. Let alone the fact that for decades I have failed all tests for all other conditions..having had full and serious symptoms,, which now ironically are showing up. I have had lupus since a teenager full pericarditis and other awful flares... but only now a positive blood test... these blood tests that endocrinologists are rocked to sleep with, are not the only tests that fail us.

I was lucky enough whilst using my crystal ball, to come across the work of some very cutting edge medical practitioners, who have moved beyond thinking that the fetid mists off my local estuary are producing vapours responsible for my pretend ailments. I am of course a fully hysterical woman, with five autoimmune diseases, and in ye olde englande I have 'learned' myself to read something called medical papers and books.. In between chapters and papers I have taken the time to self diagnose the odd urine infection, never mind the throbbing kidneys, the water dowsing rods do the trick. It is not that long ago that Florence Nightingale was shot down in flames for pointing out cleanliness ie washing wounds, hands and surroundings, also reminding surgeons to remove the blood splattered aprons they wore for months which were contributing to deaths of patients, she was practically branded a heretic.

In these books and papers read - it is very clear that the early work of pioneers with thyroid research who experimented on people with 'the lovely 'thryoid sandwiches' brought about the production of dessicated thyroid. This early work, which brought about much change in the science of endocrinology - is for the sake of big pharma and totalitarian regulatory bodies, being treated as baby thrown out with bathwater.

Seeing as there is a witch hunt going on currently, and has been for the last few decades - regarding practitioners who fully under stand the meaning of hippocratic oath.

Outstanding doctors who have utilized their publicly funded training, from times gone by, where you actually learnt at medical school how to examine patients. Then after expensive training, using these skills from every angle in nhs or private practice. Of course blood tests can also help as part of a diagnosis, but never to be seen as the whole picture, especially in the art of autoimmune disease, which is notoriously difficult to diagnosis.

I find this orwellian culture bestowed to outstanding practitioners very difficult. Being a very stupid and fully deluded difficult woman, who did not pass the NHS tests and had to do something very very irresponsible, ie go to a private testing lab who do things in far more detail.

My small brain is trying to make sense of how.. any of us could report the most terrible concerns about the odd bad apple in the medical barrel to the correct places, or perhaps a medical peer who had concerns, but nothing would be done, patient or medic completely rubbished. However so much scrutiny by regulatory bodies for those doing good, (actually it appears as blatant bullying) with no patient complaints. Due to the wrong culture in the DoH, ie their stance on not being able to be big boys and girls and admit there is a problem with testing. This is ruining public confidence in the medical profession, also ruining careers and patient lives.

If only some of those doctors out there could pay as much attention to their patients as they do on their own medical forums plotting to bring down the careers of their superiors, who have the brains and the true grit to do the right thing.

I was wondering as we return to the dark ages, if perhaps we should bring back village stocks. For every patient who fails the blood test, although let us all remember it is the tests failing the patients rather than the patients failing the tests. If that patient then turns out to have a thyroid issue, we must be able to hold account somebody in the stocks, local to where any awful bullying has taken place.

Mary F x

I also find it uplifting to help try and change awful and wasteful cultures out there.. doing my bit to help reduce vast litigation bills... we are all in this together etc...

If complaints went down, better use of funds... more staff to help patients reducing the spiraling 15.7 billion litigation bill: A modern concept reducing money wasted on farcical formal complaints and gagging orders... with patients not losing their care for complaining, and medical staff not losing their careers for sticking up for the public.


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  • Hear, here! Or is it here, hear...

  • Well in my case this morning it is grunt grunt! M x

  • Agree....I think, but then I'm not supposed to know nuffin as I too am a very stupid deluded half wit with no knowledge of these things!

  • Yes, have you seen this fascinating post going on currently:


    I think it is also relevant to notice this culture also: huffingtonpost.co.uk/rita-p...

    Mary F x

    I am sorry for such a short reply, but being so terribly stupid I am finding it too difficult to write more than two sentences.

  • Inspired writing, MaryF! You've made me laugh out loud and invoked anger and frustration all with one post. Thank you. Oh, and the stocks - I'm all for their return, lol! K x

  • Well I do feel rather bilious currently, I have a well documented allergy to trolls especially institutional ones! Mary F x

  • Well said Mary. I still managed to retain my sense of humour whilst reading it. x

  • Goody. MaryF x

  • Hi Mary F just wanted to say I love reading your blogs and I particularly like your last comment about having allergies to institutional trolls. Your blog is excellent.

    Kerry x

  • Ah, thanks, it is a very old one, but I thought I would trundle it out to cheer people up. Mary F x

  • It certainly cheered me up and beats ranting however I love a good rant especially when it clears the cobwebs away if you get my drift LOL

  • Keep well. Mary F x

  • ;-) Mary for such a stupid, deluded woman with a small brain you sure are putting those educated professionals to shame! xx

  • Oh dear. I must get my naughty step out, not sat on it much today. Mary F x

  • Thanks for the rant! It's a good 'un, Mary! In days of old many of us would have probably been put in the stocks or burnt as witches due to our 'thyroid madness!' x

  • Well me MUST all keep warm in this wintry weather or though your approach might be seen as radical! Mary Fx Now where it that broomstick.. oh dear my husband has poached it etc Mary F x

  • Me cauldron's overflowing! x

  • xx Yes mine also I am currently trying to rustle up a 'thyroid sandwich' for tea, I might have to chew it until dawn to may unavailable for further replies!


  • "Thyroid sandwiches' sound as if they might catch on xx

  • Oh MaryF, you are brilliant xx

    Enough said lol

    Ann xxx

  • thanks....now to incinerate my dinner. Mary F x

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