Any endrinconologists on here?

Are any endrinconologists on this forum? Just wondering, if there are , what their view is on the hundreds if not thousands of posts from people who are struggling on a daily basis with symptoms despite being told that their blood results are normal? I know many from here have written to the Department of Health and other bodies explaining the importance of t3 to some and asking that if patients who present with symptoms alongside normal blood test results can be listened to and a full thyroid function test to be performed, in order to investigate why these people are still experiencing symptoms.

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We don't believe that there are as this is a patient to patient group.


I think they'd need balls of steel to face us lot...

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, i just wondered if they felt a sense of shame when looking through the posts?

Cos they don't. They think we are all fruit cakes and depressed.

You'd like to think so, Bijou, but I suspect they put blinkers on when they leave for work in the mornings... You know, like horses who are prone to jumpiness. On second thought, horses have probably got more sense.

Yes I think they've missed that buzz phrase 'thinking outside the box', it usually makes me cringe but i wish they'd give it a go.

There's a locum at our surgery who 'thinks outside the box'. His words to me when I first saw him, and told him my problems . He has been so good and has even asked me for more information after I gave him some info from this site (and others). He said it helped with his appraisal. He is so willing to learn more and I am happy to help him. Could be because he is a Locum and not a partner at the surgery.

I've come to the conclusion, over the years of dealing with doctors over various medical problems and pregnancies. Their all useless, I have never met a doctor, who has been helpful. In fact they have caused me more harm then good.

I know and the amount of money they are on for their indifference is criminal.

tina2026 I have been fortunate to have a GP who is interested in thyroid problems and happy for me to take a dose (only levo!) that I feel comfortable with. Unfortunately she is also my age and retiring :(

Spot on !

In your post you mention symptoms three times. At the mention of symptoms, doctors usually tell patients that they don't care about them for thyroid problems, only blood tests.

And its amazing how many people come on here and report having symptoms brushed off by doctors with the comment that X or Y or Z is not a symptom of hypothyroidism.

One astonishing post I remember reading on here (which I wish I had bookmarked) was a report from someone who was told that fatigue was not a symptom of hypothyroidism.

You couldn't make it up, could you? The attitude of some gp's is abismal. The symptoms are surely your bodies way of alerting you that all is not well.

Personally I have found that the only time a GP is interested or informed on a subject is when a family member has the same illness

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