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I have an under-active Thyroid but I have the symptoms of an over-active Thyroid

I have been ill for about 10 years and thought I was going mad. At last I found a GP who listened to me and he diagnosed an under-active Thyroid even though I had the symptoms of an over-active Thyroid. I have all the usual under-active symptoms like always tired, depression, panic attacks, no interest in life, weight gain and many more. My main symptom is sweating which is a symptom of over-active Thyroid. The sweating is mostly on my head and down my back and it really bad.

My first test results were T4 6.8 THS 12.57

After taking Thyroxine 25mcg T4 8.4 THS 8.62

After 50mcg T4 10.1 THS 5.07

After 75mcg T4 12.7 THS 0.18

I started to feel better, I could not believe 90% of my problems could be cause by one thing, but the tiredness and the sweating are getting worse.

My GP then referred me to an Endocrinologist(what a waste of time) I took all my blood test results with me but all he did was ask for more bloods and a 24 hour urine test. I now have an appointment for September to get the results.

Finding your website today was fantastic because I thought I was the only one the doctors couldn't help. I hope someone else has had my problem and knows the answer because my GP doesn't know what to do next.

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hi rita,

I also overheat although I have under active thyroid....I am on 225mcg

of meds....just more proof that we are all affected differently but treated as though we all should show same symptoms.....my endo. was hopeless too....hope when your results come back you will get some assistance..

take care



i had a subtotal thyroidectomy in 1990 for hyperthyroidism and sweating was a MAJOR symptom with me.....I am now hypothyroid and the sweating is starting to come back again :-(...I am on 25mg and i have to go back on on on wendsday for my first blood test since being on the medication to see if i need a higher dose....


Hi Rita,

I was Hyperthyroid, treated with meds and sweating was an issue, 5 years on I'm now Hypothyroid on 75mcg of Levothyroxine and find that I sweat in waves, almost like a deep blushing feeling, usually in the middle of the night.. Dr suggested I might be pre-Menopausal, even though i'm only just 40, but bloods came back as fine .. We're not just a list of statistics and we can't all be put in the same tick box on a form...

Best wishes on the road to full health. Perks


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