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My hemithyroidectomy-part 1

I got up at 6am on the morning of my op, my dad was coming to look after my children until my hubby could get home later and he arrived at 6.15am. I had packed my bag the night before, low necked pyjamas, two towels, some unscented body wash, underwear, slippers, dressing gown and a book lol. I double checked my bag and believe me to say I was nervous was an understatement, I really had the past week been feeling sick, not sleeping well and just generally worried, mainly about being put to sleep, I have a big phobia of anasthetic anyway.

I sorted the kids for my dad, double checked everything again and set off for the hospital.

I arrived just after 7am, went into the head and neck outpatients, first of all I went to see the anaesthetist and I just burst into tears, I think everything just hit me all of a sudden and the reality of it all. He was so nice and really re-assured me, he said it was his job to make sure I was ok during the op and he would be by my head the whole time and he would look after me and that was a promise. I felt so much better then, he explained that I would be taken into the pre-theatre room and a needle would be put into my hand and the anasthetic would be then administered and then the next thing I would know would be waking up in recovery.

I then saw my consultant/surgeon and he just told me that he would be removing my goiter and leaving the good part of my thyroid no matter how small it was, he wanted to leave some to give me a chance of not having to go on replacement meds.He said that I may have a drain in my neck when I wake up and that was normal just to drain off any excess blood . That was that, short and sweet with him and he said he would come and see me on the ward after the op.

I then saw a nurse, she did my blood pressure, taped up my wedding ring which I wanted to keep on and then admitted me and gave me my hospital wristband.

There were 7 patients altogether that having similar ops as me and we were all taken upto our wards and given our beds. I opted for a pre-med as I was very anxious, so a nurse brought me some tablets to take, after about 10 minutes I started to really relax (well actually feel like I wasn't on the planet anymore lol) After about another hour the porter came up to fetch me ready for surgery. My hubby followed me as I was wheeled down. I was in high spirits until I reached the point of having to say bye to my hubby which was outside the anasthetic room, thats when I did cry and I was in a bit of a state. A lovely lady held my hand though and talked to me and she really helped me. When we got into the anasthetic room I saw the anasthetist and he reassured me once again and I began to relax. I could see in the windows of the theatre and then I heard some music playing, it was "Ben" by Michael Jackson, that made me chuckle and I asked the lady if they played music while they were operating and she said of course and it helps the surgeons work, I asked her how many people would be in there with me and she said about 6 and I would be very well looked after. They were all really nice and I couldn't have asked for better care.

The next thing I knew they were putting the needle in my hand which I hardly felt and a mask was put over my face, the anasthetist said that it was just oxygen to relax me while the anasthetic was being given to me,he then said I'm giving you the anasthetic now.......

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Dear Ruthyb

Very much wonder how you are - I went through exactly the same as you last June 2010 and I have just been put on Levothyroxine - eleven months after my operation!

Would be interested to hear how you are getting on and hope that you are well?

Kind regards

NicolaM x


Im new and have been told its not an if but a when for my goitres. I just wanted to know what the recovery was like? I have two children 9 and 7 years and my husband works 12 hour days. How long did you spend in hospital and what was it like after your op? I know it sounds odd but I would like to prepare myself as Im scaired about the op, ive never been under and really dont like the thought of it also would like to get on with life,work etc after but dont know if that possible


Hi. I had a partial thyroidectomy last year. I was in for just 20 hours, felt very tired after all the drugs and had a neck drain in for a few hours. Bit sore the next day and very conscious of the wound. Really need to take it easy had 2 weeks off work. Dressing came off after a week and at the time the scar look horrendous, but it fades quickly and now is just part of the creases in my neck and you can hide it initially with pretty scarves etc Try not to worry and take time to rest especially when you have children, overdo it and you could find the scar swells up, as happened to me the first time, then it had to be drained. Good luck.


Hi Ruthyb,

I too would love to know how the op went and how you are doing now. How is your voice in particular? I have large diffuse goiter + hypothyroid and waiting to go back to see ENT Drs.

If you have a moment, let us know how you are. Hope all's well.

Miranda x


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