My little moan about so called "specialists"

Good afternoon everyone,

I have to let of a little steam. After months of waiting for an appointment to see a "Specialist", the day finally arrives, so I go along quite optimistic, thinking at last, some help.

The consultant went through my health issues, then the nurse took me into the examination room and said "I have been through more than you" I was shocked but never commented, afterall lots of people do not understand the amount of Thyroid/Adrenal suffering that goes on.

After the specialist had done what he needed, I went back in the consulation room and he said "I do not know what to suggest, I could only give you what the doctors have already tried" I will refer you on, refer me on to who? He is supposed to be the specialist.

How can a specialist have no idea what to do, he must know more than the GP, that is why he is a "specialist"

I thought it was only Endocrinologist that were not great, I was wrong, it seems to be specialists in lots of things.

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Sorry you had such a disappointing experience. 'Specialist' is just another word used for a Consultant, the words are interchangeable and don't denote a higher level of expertise. What speciality was your consultant meant to be a specialist in? Like all professionals some consultants are excellent, many are mediocre and some are close to negligent. I hope you find a sympathetic specialist soon. Good luck.

Thank you cjrsquared, I am still quite irrated by how he was, surely he could have given me something, to ease the pain, instead of just passing the buck.

Months of waiting for the appointment and he does nothing.

Thank you : >

Kitten-whiskers - to my cynical mind that smacks of him not knowing and not being bothered to find out. The nurse had no right to say that but I guess when you're working with a non-professional then a poor attitude is bound to rub off.

You're having such a tough time, I do hope you can find a way through.

Thank you Cinnamon_girl, I couldn't agree more with you. It felt like a real waste of time and my energy.

I will find a way though, somehow : >

Goodness. The nerve of his nurse, you can't imagine anyone having the cheek to make a comment like that. Hopefully it was an NHS appointment and you didn't actually pay for this experience. No wonder y feel the need for a rant 😉

yes I was a bit shocked, how unlucky can you be - a specialist that either doesn't have a clue or can't be bothered and a nurse that needs to learn to think before she speaks. It was NHS, so the abuse was free but parking was extortionate : <

KW, sorry it was such a waste of time. I think you ought to write a letter of complaint to the hospital about the nurse's inappropriate comment and attitude.

Thank you Clutter, that's a good Idea, I was also thinking of complaining about the so called specialist - it boils down to the fact he just can't be bothered, so now I have to wait a number of months, in lots of pain before I see someone who does the same job as him. How ill do we have to be before we can any help?

What was he a 'specialist' in?

Hello Patty, he was a gynaecologist. The issue being candida

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