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Dose increase or not …??

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Trying to workout if I need a T3 increase - have heart tightness, freezing cold, high BP normal temp, higher than normal pulse ?

I’m struggling to work out if I’m too low or too high dosing right now and after a good few weeks of being well I’m now not well.

Currently 4 weeks out from draining half my T4 & slowly moving to more T3 - been on current dosing regime which worked a treat for a few weeks but not now :(

7am T4 -25mcg T3 12.5

12 pm - T3 12.5 mcg

5pm - T3 12.5 mcg

11pm - 7.5mcg

21 Replies
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I take T3 alone and I follow the method that Dr John Lowe advised (he has since died due to an bad fall).

He was an Adviser to Thyroiduk before his accident which caused his death. He was an expert in the use of T3 and would never prescribe T4 (levothyroxine) but also prescribed NDTs (natural dessicated thyroid hormones). He stated that one daily dose saturated all of the T3 receptor cells and they, in turn, sent out 'waves' throughout the day.

I take T3 with one glass of water when I awake and wait an hour before I eat.

When getting a blood test I have the earliest appointment and take one glass of water and wait until after the blood draw before taking T3 hormone replacement. I have never had a query from GP about results.

Dr Lowe took his T3 in the middle of the night when he awoke.

I have reduced my dose recently and I still feel well and symptom-free.

As I also have Pernicious Anaemia my GP has told me I can have monthly injections of B12 instead of three monthly.

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Anon_77 in reply to shaws

wow great information thank you I’ve heard a little about dr Lowe so I will take a better look!

Are you on T4 at all? I take my T4 with my T3 first thing with water before food I’m wondering if I should start splitting it up but I’m usually well until evening times

I’ve not completely come off my T4 yet as I’m nervous it may not work ! I’ve only halfed it so far ! Felt amazing 2 weeks ago but now things changed I not sure if need increase but I have just payed for bloods today for myself xx

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Anon_77 in reply to shaws

also are there any other websites or audio / books by this doctor as i couldn’t locate anything in search for his books etc ?? Thank you

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it could be that reduction in levothyroxine is causing symptoms

Many people on levothyroxine plus T3 find they don’t tolerate low Ft4

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Anon_77 in reply to SlowDragon

yes I think this needs a look into as I first started this regime change due to not feeling well on higher T4 & small amounts of T3 - I don’t want to put back most of the T4 as I felt it wasn’t working well but yeah hard to know what’s next to change till I get test results I guess x

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Anon We need to see recent blood results for ft4 and ft3 to comment. We can't see what effect your current dose is having on your thyroid blood levels. Without knowing how high your current ft3 is it would be wrong to suggest an increase.

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Anon_77 in reply to Lalatoot

thanks :) sure - I’ve done this so far really well without bloods for 5 weeks now as only using the T3 protocol in Paul’s blue book but I have just ordered a test this week - just interested to know if others know their symptoms based on what mine are above - thanks :)

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Only increase T3 by 1/4 tablet at time and wait 6-8 weeks to retest

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Anon_77 in reply to SlowDragon

thanks but I’m doing the move from t4 protocol to T3 so small 2.5 mcg increases are often needed as the T4 Drains out. I’ve managed to go from 5mcg T3 to now almost 15 with no issues slowly over 4-5 weeks and was really well - but now just not sure if my symptoms are under or over it’s hard to tell - gotta do test I guess now :)

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Anon_77

test after 6-8 weeks on 15mcg T3

Presumably this is 3 x 5mcg spread through the day

Day before test last 5mcg dose T3 approx 8-12 hours before test

Last dose levothyroxine 24 hours before test

Test around 9am

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Anon_77 in reply to SlowDragon

thanks lovely I think I need to change my message above - no I’ve gone from needing 5mcg per dose up to 15 per dose and now starting to feel low ( I think!) I’ve managed to increase really well till now !

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Anon_77

yes…so test after 6-8 weeks on 15mcg per day

Many/most people split T3 into two or three smaller doses spread through the day

Even if you don’t normally split dose, day before test…you should split T3 into 3 doses spread through the day and last 1/3rd of daily dose approx 8-12 hours before test

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Anon_77 in reply to SlowDragon

thanks for this I defo won’t be taking pills before thyroid test never have done so far past 4 years :) I do split dose !! Did you read the text in message about my dose times ?? I’m on 12.5 each dose of 3 :)

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Anon_77

sorry….yes 15mcg per dose ….I read that as 15mcg per day

So last 15mcg dose 8-12 hours before test

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Anon_77 in reply to SlowDragon

thanks 🙏🏽 I will test first thing in morning before meds 👌🏽

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you have no ranges there so results don’t mean much. My worry is that the symptoms you describe suggest over treatment not under treatment. Is it time to reduce t4 a little? Blood test results with ranges might help

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thanks yes I know I have not tested as I’m going mainly by symptoms until bloods and wanted to know how ppl feel when they are over dosed ….. I agree some of them seem over but also I get some ppl tell me they get high BP and pulse when low and hypo also …. I’m doing the T3 book by Paul Robinson atm and I was feeling great 2 weeks ago! I don’t want to drop too much more T4 just yet as I’m now only on 25 !! Bloods have been ordered today :)

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Why did you start adding T3? Poor conversion?

Did you optimise vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin before introducing T3....essential to support thyroid function/ conversion.

I was influenced by Dr John Lowe....thanks to shaws!

Splitting the dose did not work for me....I need the "force" provided by the full dose to help the T3 reach the nuclei of the cells where it becomes active

I need high dose T3 (75mcg) because I have a form of thyroid hormone resistance (RTH)and take it in a single dose, at's easier to avoid food and drinks.

Without RTH a high dose could be/is dangerous.

My heart has been scanned, as a precaution, and is in good health.

My sense is that you are overmedicated.....check your resting heart rate....normal range 60 - 100 bpm. Mine sits around 65bpm

Daily, you are taking 45mcg T3 + 25mcg T4, that is quite a large dose

Only change one thing at a time....T4 or T3.

This helps the body adjust to the change.

Any change must be takes at least 6 weeks for a new dose to settle.

Have you perhaps changed too much too quickly.....difficult to tell from your posts.

In your shoes I'd be disinclined to increase but would hold current dose for 6 or even 8 weeks then retest.

As long as FT3 is within range you are unlikely to be overmedicated.

Just a few thoughts

This might help

Good luck....and listen to your body!

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Anon_77 in reply to DippyDame

thank you so much for your advice !! Yes all my vits are in range always have been also cortisol etc etc all been tested regular and clear.

I actually felt better increasing the dose each time the last few weeks - but you are correct it might just be that splitting too many times is causing this but reason I did this Is coz before months ago trying to increase T3 was overdosed for sure. These symptoms feel different to over dose but yes I can’t be sure until my blood test comes through so for now I’m holding this dose of 15mcg T3 now as today much more stable on slightly more each dose. I’m using the recovering with T3 protocol and it states to add only 2.5 each time to the day.

I too am a poor converter was never well on t4 only! I’ve just done a gene D10 test to check it also but won’t get results yet.

I wonder if I too am going to have to try to increase the split doses and only take 2-3 per day - but I don’t want to over dose.

I’ve just done a test so will know by next Tuesday my FT3 result ;) thanks so much for ur reply :)

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may be reading this wrong but have you been increasing T3 over the last 4 weeks while decreasing T4 ? If you've just taken a test it won't give a true result. As Slow Dragon says you need to be on the same amount of T3 and T4 daily for 6 to 8 weeks before you do a test. Your body needs time to acclimatise.

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Anon_77 in reply to JaniceJ7

well yes and no -6 weeks ago I agreed with my Endo / private doc that I’m probably not good with T4 - so we cut it in half & yes doing the Paul Robinson approach. He doesn’t actually state to wait a whole 4 weeks for dose changes - it’s done by tracking signs and symptoms and by only 2.5mcg at time on one dose only. I managed to get safely from 6.25 right up to 12 and now symptoms are confusing but were not before as I was doing very well using his approach ! However as my T4 is now dripping out as it’s been 4-5 weeks since I took it down there for of course a dose change may be necessary. I was holding up lovely at 12.5 T3 for 2-3 weeks but then as T4 is now draining I will probably need increase but want to be sure so yes I will be testing Monday morning :) thanks for your help / advice ;)

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