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Normal Tsh high T4

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Tsh is 2.3 range 0.27to 4.2

T4 22.9 range 12to 22

Test taken at 8am no levo 24 hours prior to test

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Hi Pen1966

I’m sure others will be on here to comment but have you a ft3 result?

My tsh rises albeit marginally when ft3 is low. I was just wondering what yours was?

T3 was 5 range 6.8

And how do you feel? Do you feel symptomatic?

I feel awful aches in legs all day very tired etc

Hi Both of you,My does the same, TSH 2.25 T4 in normal range but low T3. I take thyriod support from bio care to back up all my vitamins to seems to help the fatigue.

What have you tried?

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Previous post

Shows lowish ferritin and folate

Presumably you are now working on improving these before considering adding T3

Email Thyroid U.K. for list of recommended thyroid specialist endocrinologist and doctors who will prescribe T3

Roughly where in U.K. are you?

Some endocrinologist are still doing consultations on zoom

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Pen1966 in reply to SlowDragon

Yes I am but not taking T3 for time being I am in Dorset cant afford private meds or consultations as list job due to ill health

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Pen1966

Some on list are NHS …..might be a long wait

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Pen1966 in reply to SlowDragon

Not in my area though and my gp wont refer andcendo at hospital says my levels are ok😪

How much levo are you on? I self source my t3. I don’t pay private medical fees or private medication fees.

Just wondering how you felt on a lower dose of levo? Tsh aside.

125mgs every day is a struggle 😪 pains and aches in legs wake up feeling just as tired as when I went to bed being referred to CFS clinic

I’m a bit confused. I notice that 7 days ago you posted about being given some t3 and also you have only recently started on hrt.

Are you now taking t3? Are you worse since the patches?

Have come off patches and not taking T3 stopped patches last week

Did the pain flare up more with the patches? I tried them and it made the pain worse and took a few weeks to subside.

I will wait but have had the fatigue for over 18 months now

These symptoms can take time to sort out. It’s all trial and error but so many on here to manage to get much better. Keep the faith.

If it were me…. I’d wait two or three weeks and see if the pain eases a bit. I would probably then lower levo but that’s just me. I’d do a blood test and post again with results. In the meantime concentrate on raising ferritin and folate as SD mentioned as well. It’s a slow process but you can get there. You just have to be patient. So frustrating but you’re not alone.

Thank you xx

Try some magnesium lotion/ oil on your legs. It helps the aching and also helps you get more restful sleep. I use the Better You range of magnesium.

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Pen1966 in reply to Popeye44

I take a magnesium suppliment does not help at all

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Popeye44 in reply to Pen1966

Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. Also depends which type of magnesium you are taking orally.

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Pen1966 in reply to Pen1966

I cant use the spray burns my skin

If it were me, I would ask for an increase in Levo, possibly another 12.5 mcg to see if that helped. You could show your GP the info Seasidesusie gave to Agatha1967 above (Dr Anthony Toft)

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Pen1966 in reply to Gingernut44

That would then raise my already high T4

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Gingernut44 in reply to Pen1966

Did you not read the info from Professor Anthony Toft that SeasideSusie gave to Agatha1977 in the post above yours today. Your FT3 is only 51.35% through the range so you are not over medicated.

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Pen1966 in reply to Gingernut44

My T4 is elevated

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Maramonro in reply to Pen1966

I would reduce your dose a bit and see if the muscle pain subsides—I always know I am in high dose when I develop muscle ache and my hair gets fine and silky. I don’t have a thyroid but I understand that having thyroid can complicate things but more as you body production changes so it’s hard to adjust. Good luck

But, if you read his info, you will see that he says FT4 of 24-28 isn’t dangerous provided your FT3 isn’t over 60% with that high an FT4. As you appear to be symptomatic with a too high TSH, I suggested an increase of 12.5mcg as a trial for 6-8 weeks might make the difference to improve your symptoms. It was only a suggestion.

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Pen1966 in reply to Gingernut44

Thank you but I ended up in hospital when my T4 was over 28 I also have no thyroid thanks for the advice it is appreciated

Not everyone’s normal is when T3 is above 50%, so for some people normal is lower t3. This is what I was following until my heart almost exploded—this is why range exist and not everyone is on the same spectrum. I would follow how someone feels and test results as well.

The OP has no thyroid!

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