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Percentage calculator down?

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I am trying to calculate my latest test results but the url comes back as ‘can’t find the server’. Has anyone else had a problem? As usual the GP says TSH is too low! Despite lab saying T3 and T 4 satisfactory. I like to check percentages as I find them easier to read , decimal points cause my brain to stop functioning😏 can anyone help please?

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It's working for me, I'm on my PC at the moment.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to SeasideSusie

Not working for me!

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to helvella

I've just tried again and still working for me both from the OP's link and my saved link on my PC (Firefox). Just been and tried it on my tablet (Chrome) and it's working there too.

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Kazania in reply to SeasideSusie

Maybe it’s Apple’s server then!

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BrynGlas in reply to Kazania

I am on android and can't get to the page I need either.

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Kazania in reply to BrynGlas

I got it eventually on Dropbox on my windows laptop. The link tattybogle has posted works well too

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BrynGlas in reply to Kazania

OK thanks, I will have a go at those then.

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Kazania in reply to helvella

Yes that’s what I got.

I saw post that the percentages within range calculator wasn’t working?

I have set up a spreadsheet that calculate percentages within range, but I have no idea how to share it other than attaching to an email - suggestions please? But hopefully this post will help.

Percentages within range

In words, this is what I do 😊👍

Result minus Bottom of range

Divided by

Top of range minus Bottom of range

Then x 100

= percentages within range

Eg. Blue Horizon result

FT4 9.8 ug (7.9 - 14)

9.8 - 7.9

______________ x 100 = 31 %

14 - 7.9

Set up a separate post with this info hope it helps

Thank you for taking the trouble to post how to work it out. Something I’m afraid is beyond me. My brain just grinds to a halt no matter how hard I try. Others have posted calculators that work well so I think I am all set for the future. Many thanks again.

You are welcome 😊👍

If you post your results and ranges, I can calculate them "old school" for you :)

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Kazania in reply to fuchsia-pink

Thank you I will but it’ll take a while to do as I’ve got a broken wrist. More later

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Kazania in reply to fuchsia-pink

Here are the ranges I wanted to calculate. Thank you so much.TSH 0.03 Mlu/L [0.3 - 4.5]

FT3 4.0 pmol/L [3.1 - 6.8]

FT4 21.2 pmol/L [10.0 -22.0]

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fuchsia-pink in reply to Kazania

TSH is low - percentages don't really matter here, neither does it being low once you are on thyroid meds. Free T4 is high - 93% through range. Free T3 isn't so good - only 24.3% through range, suggesting you (like me) are a classic "poor converter".

SO if you don't feel tip-top, rather than staying as you are or adding more levo, you would be better dropping some levo (T4 meds) and taking some lio (T3 meds). Lio can only be prescribed by an endo, so you will need your GP to refer you (unless you go private) - but either way you need to see a T3-friendly endo, as not all of them "believe" it works (which is pretty stupid to those of us who have found it transformative) - so worth getting the list of T3 friendly endos from Dionne at Thyroid UK - tukadmin@thyroiduk,org - and a new post asking for recommendations near you.

Good luck x

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Kazania in reply to fuchsia-pink

Fuchsia-pink. Thank you, the percentages have come out as I expected, slightly lower than my previous bloods. I know that I’m not a good converter and I would like to see an Endo for T3. I have got the list from Thyroid UK and was intending to go to the nearest local one but the lockdown rather intervened and I haven’t pursued it any further yet. I actually feel not too bad, but I know the GP is going to pursue me because of the TSH, which is what happened before. I had to write a letter explaining I’ve no intention of reducing my dose. Thank you for your advice and your help. I like to have a percentage because my brain can interpret that better than looking at decimals. I keep my result on ‘numbers’ (Apple’s spreadsheet) just for my record. Thanks again.

Hi fuchsia-pink I can’t access the link or the spreadsheets kindly shared by helvella via phone- no working laptop at mo.

I have my latest T3 at 3.71 (range 3.1- 6.8)

I know this is low ( poor converter and on the quest for trial of T3 Endo appt soon and I’ve also am sending off the DIO2 gene screening tomorrow to go armed)

I’ve tried Charley Farley’s formula and am useless at maths it didn’t work for me with my brain fog.

How do you work it out old school?? 🤔Hope you don’t mind my asking x


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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Butterfly1942

Around page 111 - Ranges and Reference Intervals - has a verbal description of how to calculate.

helvella - Vade Mecum for Thyroid

The term vade mecum means:

1. A referential book such as a handbook or manual.

2. A useful object, constantly carried on one’s person.

Please don't get put off by the number of pages!

Not everything is in this one document - my major medicines document is still separate!

From Dropbox:

From Google Drive:

Thanks helvella I’m hoping to get the laptop going tomorrow as I can access Google sheets on there! I’ll give it another go I. Phone but it didn’t like it 🙄

Success helvella! I’ve got the pdf and screenshot p111👍 Thanks so much 🙏 I’ll have a go with my T4 (over range) now.

Just hope my Endo knows as much as you re thyroid (unlikely, but I can but hope 😂)


How to do it old-school:

A - how far along the range are you [result - bottom] = 0.61

B - how big is the range [top - bottom] = 3.7

Your percentage = A/B = 0.61/3.7 = 16.49% so yup it's rubbish ;)

Thank you fuschia 🙏 Jeepers that IS rubbish 😂 pretty much how I’m feeling so makes a load of sense!! My eyes boggle at you maths ability along with Charley Farley and helvella!

Thank you so much ☺️

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Try this:

helvella - Range Calculator Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet for calculating a test result as a percentage through the reference interval (range).

This is an Excel spreadsheet but is likely to work in other spreadsheet software.

From Dropbox:

From Google Drive:

Doesn't rely on a website! Once downloaded, you can do as you wish with it.

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Kazania in reply to helvella

Thank you. I’m on an iPad I’ll see if I can get it to work. Thanks a lot

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June25 in reply to helvella

Thanks helvella, really useful!

yes mine has been 'absent without leave' all day too.I thought i'd just messed up my shortcut while adding some others, but obviously not .

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to tattybogle

It isn't an h t t p s : / / link so security features would, in time, be expected to make it inaccessible, even if it comes back.

At least some h t t t p : / / websites stopped working on 01/01/2022, others might continue to work for months or even years.

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Kazania in reply to helvella

Thank you. I tried inputting URL too still no luck

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Kazania

Try my range calculator spreadsheet (link earlier in thread) - if your computer/tablet/phone will do what is needed. :-)

Not connecting for me either.Can't remember the schoolroom way off hand, but I'm sure someone will pop in who is more numerically clued up than me!

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to DippyDame

Does my range calculator (links earlier) not work for you, DD?

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DippyDame in reply to helvella

Ooooops ....didn't read all replies!Thank me trying to recall long ago maths lessons!!

Hi KazaniaI use the the calculator on very well health. Easy to use and see 😉

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to GHughes2

Could you possibly let me know what is better about their calculator than one I posted earlier?

I might be able to feed back criticism into my calculator to make it better.

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GHughes2 in reply to helvella

Take look for yourself would be the best answer 😊

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to GHughes2

I was asking for your opinion.

Which calculator do you mean - they have five pages of calculators if you search the site. Would you be so good as to post a link to the one you mean?

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GHughes2 in reply to helvella

The graph says it all for me …

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to GHughes2

Thank you.

Afraid the fact that it uses its own built-in reference intervals, and that their choice of units is not the same as used in the UK for Free T4 (for one example), makes it less than appealing to me.

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GHughes2 in reply to helvella

I understand where you’re coming from 🤔

I've found another one that seems to work OK :

'od ' = bottom of range .

'do' =top of range.

'sprawdz' = calculate

helvella . i do like yours , it's great (i like the fact you can copy %'s to replies in correct format).... but i am unable to work out how to keep it anywhere i can find for quick reference , due to me being largely 'computer illiterate' . but i can make shortcuts to a webpage because my laptop does it for me

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to tattybogle

If you click on the Dropbox link, I'd expect you to be offered the opportunity to open the file - HealthUnlocked display this:

Redirect Notice

Looks like you clicked

If you do not want to visit that page, you can close this browser tab.

If you go forward from that, you should get the option to open with (e.g. in Microsoft Excel) or save the file (wherever you wish). Just choose Save, point it wherever you wish, and allow it to save.

If you open the Google link, your browser should allow you to download the file - in Firefox, it is a symbol of a downward arrow above a sort of square bracket lying down!

Screenshot of file open/save dialogue
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helvellaAdministrator in reply to helvella

This is a screenshot of the options I get when I open the Google version. You can see the option Open with (your choices depend on how your computer is configured) and the download icon!

(Other options are to comment, to print, or the vertical row of dots will offer other possibilities.)

Google options
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tattybogle in reply to helvella

If i use the dropbox one, i can save it .... but my laptop still asks me to go to the shop to find something to open it with.. but i don't like shopping.

If use the google one, it just opens by itself straight away , but then i don't know how to keep it anywhere.

I have just discovered that if i left click on the google one when it first comes up in the HU window, then i can save it... but in truth, i can't then find where it is saved in my downloads which contain hundreds of pictures.... which means i get sidetracked looking at pictures for half an hour instead.....

all things considered it's probably better if i don't go clicking on too many things i don't understand on my laptop .. the usual outcome is that i delete something necessary for it's function, and then my children come and tut at me while they are fixing it.

thanks very much for trying to help the illiterate , but you know what they say "you can take a horse to water ..... "

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to tattybogle

If you don't have any applications which can open a spreadsheet, that is likely the problem!

You could just save the Google link as a favourite in your browser?

tattybogle profile image
tattybogle in reply to helvella

i don't know about 'favourites' ..... i have 'shortcuts' on my google homepage, but it seems i am only allowed 10 of them and they are currently all full with vitally important things like surf report webcams so i can watch the mad Geordies going for a swim in the North Sea at sunrise in Cullercotes harbour, or see if the tide is in at Whitby , or if the moon is up over Lindisfarne castle etc. So until i become more literate i have to decide if i use 'slot no10' to house the instantly loading web page in polish/ ukranian/whatever ...... or use it to house yours .. which is much better but it also takes much longer to load ..... you lose. Sorry xxx

watching mad Geordies and big waves is much more fun than doing percentages

Here's another one:

This website isn't finished but that calculator works.

Thank you. I got a crazy result but I may have keyed in the numbers incorrectly. I’ll try again tomorrow, typing with broken wrist very tiring. Thanks again.

This is one I built using Numbers (Mac)

You do need to download to open.

Patti in AZ

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Kazania in reply to Poniesrfun

Thank you very much it downloaded and I can click in a field although I haven’t tested it out with my numbers. I’m sure it works. Thank you so much. 😀👍

Hi Kazania. Here are your results: percent reference
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Kazania in reply to Evej13

Wow! That’s a bar chart. Couldn’t be clearer. I’ll have a look at the site itself. Thank you so much. I know I’ll soon have the GP insisting my TSH is too low !! I like to go ‘into battle’ with the facts clear in my mind. Many thanks.

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Evej13 in reply to Kazania

You're most welcome Kazania. I know the site still needs work, but glad it helps. Looks like your FT3 is pretty low in range. Are you on T4 mono by chance?

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Kazania in reply to Evej13

Yes Thyroxine only. I was going to consult Endo from Thyroid UK’s list but lockdown intervened and not yet pursued it further. Apart from broken wrist feel ok at the moment but not doing much physical stuff. Will get this in hand in the future. Thanks to advice on this forum sorted my vits which has helped a lot although selenium not made an appreciable difference to T3 which is disappointing. Thanks a lot for your post it is much appreciated.😃

If it helps: then go into menu and click kalkulator.

You have to add First but it seems to erase it

HTTPS://etc it won’t allow me to write the address before

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Goldengirl01

I think you mean this page:



Kalkulator Poziomu Procentowego FT4, FT3

Kalkulator HOMA-IR

Kalkulator Należnej Masy Ciała

Kalkulator Zapotrzebowania Na Wodę

Kalkulator BMI

Kalkulator CPM

You are correct but for some reason every time I put the whole https etc it wouldn’t show up. But if it helps..

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Goldengirl01

The HealthUnlocked software hides the h t t p s : / / at the start and, if it is too long, also puts "..." at the right-hand end. (Had to insert spaces so it doesn't hide the characters!)

But the link is still there and is usable.

Click on my link and it will display an intermediate page with the whole link visible.

I got my web tech husband to have a look. It looks like the DNS has expired and the page has been deleted. It did have a very old-fashioned look to it, so that would be likely.

It is useful to have this little widget available on a web page because anyone can access it from anywhere and using any device. So he's going to write a new version of it for us and put it up on one of his many different servers. I will be back with a URL to share when he's done it. It's trivially easy to do.

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