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Meds for Anxiety??

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Hi is anyone on any suitable medication for anxiety that won't interfere with thyroid function like beta blockers would (propranolol)?? Thanks.

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The best cure for anxiety is optimal thyroid hormone levels. When did you last have yours tested? What were the results and ranges?

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Minimouse1 in reply to greygoose

My last results were good. I have a few personal problems which are causing the anxiety but I think I need to check on my Vit D too as I suffered with anxiety when this was low before.

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greygoose in reply to Minimouse1

Who said they were good? Your doctor? Best to always post results and ranges for hormones and nutrients. Then we all know what we're talking about. Just say they were 'good' tells us absolutely nothing. :)

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Actually I posted my results in here 5 months ago & now I've looked back at advice it was maybe that my conversion wasn't great. I think I looked into T3 but was advised chances of getting any were slim!

TSH 1.39 (0.27-4.2)

Free T3 3.9 (3.1-6.8)

Free thyroxine 19.4 (12-22)

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greygoose in reply to Minimouse1

Your conversion is awful. Your FT3 is so low it's hardly surprising you have anxiety. Even your TSH is too high. Remember it's low T3 that causes symptoms, not TSH or T4.

Chances of getting T3 on the NHS are slim, yes. But, you can't live without it - well, not a healthy life, anyway. So, really is worth at least trying to get it from an endo. Failing that, buying your own on-line.

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Minimouse1 in reply to greygoose

Oh dear. I didn't think it was that bad obviously I was wrong! Looks like I need an endo appointment. Don't think it's likely GP will refer me though as they think everything within range is fine. Will research private. Thank you.

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greygoose in reply to Minimouse1

Yes, that's one of the problems with doctors, they have very little idea how to interpret blood test results.

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lisabax in reply to Minimouse1

Thyroid UK have a list of sympathetic endos and other doctors. Maybe worth looking at the Thyroid UK website and contacting them or through another post on here

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Buddy195 in reply to greygoose

100% agree with GG, as my anxiety was severe when under-medicated. Getting my thyroid medication & key vitamins optimal was key to reducing my anxiety & feeling like ‘me’ again.

I’ve benefited from following mindfulness, which I’ve found helps reduce my heart rate. My go- to anxiety app is Mark Williams, but there are lots of others to choose from. I did see a psychotherapist & also found some CBT techniques helped. Very best wishes to you.

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Previous post with vitamin and antibodies results

Suggest you retest thyroid levels

See if your very low Ft3 is improving at all

Do you always get same brand levothyroxine at each prescription

Always do all thyroid tests as early as possible in morning before eating or drinking anything other than water and last dose levothyroxine 24 hours before test

As you have Hashimoto’s have you had coeliac blood test done

Are you on absolutely strictly gluten free diet

Sorry you’re struggling Minimouse1, it’s horrible isn’t it. I’ve been asking the same question (and posted on here about it a couple of weeks ago - look it up on my profile!) - do I need anti anxiety meds or do I need T3/NDT?! Everyone on here said that I need the latter so I’m going to persevere and hope that someone will give it to me eventually!!! (I’ve already seen a private endocrinologist who didn’t want to give it to me as she said it would make me feel worse 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️). I hope it all works out, keep us posted! x

I was initially very sceptical about hebal remedies, but our lovely natural dentist gives anxious patients Bach's Rescue Remedy and it really does seem to work. It's not expensive, obtained easily from Amazon, and it can't do any harm. It was mentioned on this forum a few months ago and a number of contributors praised it. Regarding your thyroid issues, I always recommend Paul Robinson's book "The Thyroid Patient's Manual". PR comments that most patients experience optimal symptom relief when FT3 is in the upper half or even upper quarter of range. We can't get T3 medication on the NHS where we live but we have found a good and sympathetic private thyroid specialist, who has presecribed Armour NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) for my wife, who is doing well with a calibrated dose aimed at achieving FT3 80% through range. We're not allowed to mention practitioners by name in open forum, but if you send me a Private Message I'll share the name of our private thyroid specialist.

Hello there, I didn't know that proprananol interfered with thyroid.I have just started taking 20mg 3x per day as a migraine prevention as amitriptyline has stopped working.I have graves disease and I'm currently on block and replace.My Levo has had to be reduced recently as I was slightly overmedicated and it was causing weekly migraines and fast heart rate.In what way does it affect thyroid.? Thankyou.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Cavapoochonowner


Suggest you write a post of your own

Migraine is hypothyroid symptom

What were your most recent thyroid and vitamin results

Always test as early as possible in morning before eating or drinking anything other than water and last dose levothyroxine 24 hours before test

What vitamin supplements are you currently taking

Are you on absolutely strictly gluten free diet

If not get coeliac blood test done BEFORE cutting gluten out completely

Propranolol slows uptake and conversion of levothyroxine

Drugs that may decrease PTH include cimetidine and propranolol.

You can’t just stop propranolol, must be weened off incredibly slowly.

How long have you been taking propranolol

Hello there, thankyou for the reply.I just spoke to my endo yesterday and my ft4 has come down to 13 from 22.I am now slightly under medicated and so he has increased my Levo from 50mcg to 75mcg per day(as part of block and replace) I don't feel too bad actually, better than I did with the racing heart and weekly(sometimes every few days) migraines. I prepare for blood tests and take all my medication as advised on here. I take vitamin D C and selenium and had vitamins tested a couple of months ago and everything was good.I have joined the migraine forum on here as I have had migraines with aura since I was 14.They are debilitating for me and if proprananol is working I would have a hard choice to make.Maybe a switch to one of the other beta blockers suggested in your article above.I have been on it for about 4 weeks and it has helped tremendously.I know now to be aware of the problems it can cause for the thyroid and will look for read up on it .Thankyou for your reply.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Cavapoochonowner

As you’re on block and replace, propranolol may be necessary

Ok thankyou

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Partner20 in reply to SlowDragon

Migraine CAN be a migraine symptom, but many people suffer migraines for non-thyroid-related reasons, whether or not they are hypothyroid. For them, optimal thyroid levels will not prevent their migraine attacks. Propranolol can give migraine sufferers their lives back, and to pinpoint this medication as one that hypothyroid people should not take is, at the very least, unhelpful. There is no real alternative to propranolol if that is the medication that works for you, which is precisely why it is prescribed. An adjustment to the dosage of levo is all that may be necessary to adapt to a regime of propranolol, and this can easily be monitored. Propranolol was a life-saver for me when I discovered it. I just wish I had found it, and a migraine expert, years earlier.

Propranolol can make levo less effective, but, if this is the case, your levo dosage can be increased. Propranolol was a life-saver for me when I suffered excruciating migraine attacks, without it I don't know how I would have managed my job and family. My migraines had nothing to do with thyroid levels, but with genetics, and could be triggered by many things including stress, thirst, and Cadbury's chocolate buttons! Degenerative spinal issues didn't help, either. I know of many people like me, both hypo and otherwise, for whom propranolol is vital. If you need it, you need it, and that is why it is prescribed.

Hello,thankyou for the reply.I'm glad that I've been made aware of the possible problems that proprananol can have with levothyroxine. At least I can look out for it and make adjustments if necessary. My migraines have definitely got worse since I was overmedicated and they were bad when I was first diagnosed with graves, but as you say so many things can and do cause migraines.I wish I knew the answer to mine which I've had since I was 14.My husband will sometimes say "what's caused that?".If I knew I wouldn't be getting them 40 years later.I honestly don't know how I've coped bringing up 3 children, hoping they nap so I can lay down, vomiting on the way to pick them up from school etc.So far this seems to be helping so I'm going to have to stay on it.I watched the daytime shows this week with segments about migraine since it's national migraine week.I was hoping they were going to be able to tell me something new, but unfortunately not.It's so individual and it's causes are so complex that we just have to keep trying different things hoping it helps.Many members of my family suffer so it's become normal to me.Thankyou for your reply.

Hi, I'm not as experienced here, only diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last Dec and graduated to 100mcg Levo now . but my anxiety levels have been ramping up hugely, and cholesterol too even though I've lost the stone I put on last year and training regularly. My worst symptom is insomnia and it affects - maybe even causes the unmanageable anxiety and overwhelm.My GP has encouraged me to try bioidentical progesterone and estrogen because the long list of symptoms fit with intense perimenopause symptoms at my age. I'm willing to try them as I can't go on falling apart for my financial income, and family.

The progesterone I take vaginally before bed, to help relax and even help with my sleep patterns. It's early days yet. I follow the optimal vitamin and mineral protocols and testing on here but haven't taken the steps to private health and T3 meds etc apart from Thriva testing , due to low income...

Stay in touch if you'd like to hear how the HRT works out...

I’m on Venlefaxine for anxiety and depression and they dont interfere with thyroxine 😀

I also have anxiety. I'm convinced it is the result of low T3 (and adverse experiences with doctors leading to a sense of powerlessness). Since I have not been able to convince any doctor to at least try T3 therapy to alleviate multiple issues that could be caused by low T3 and being unable to significantly raise it with supplements etc. I take CBD when the anxiety becomes too overwhelming, and I meditate. Walks in nature also seem to put a damper on it most of the time. If the medical system is not helping (which more often than not I find to be the case) experimentation as to what works for an individual seems to be the only route to take. This may include diet, exercise, spiritual practice, supplements etc., etc. I hope you'll find the RIGHT medical help or, barring that, your own way to deal with this issue. All the best. :)

Good morning Mini Mouse 1, I have had hashimotos for over 20 years. It is slow & steady. I was on Prozac but found out that it and all the other SSRIs affect the thyroid & the short answer is in a negative way. Lexapro is also a SSRI & does affect the thyroid. I moved to Wellbutrin due to the lack of interaction with my thyroid. I have not had any issues with my beta blocker (motoprolol) interacting with my thyroid.

I am sorry to hear about your anxiety :-(. I was definitely feeling anxious for no reason for quite a long time. I woke up feeling anxious and I worried much more than is normal. I figured it was my personality, but it went way! I am not positive what helped but the things I changed are: I got my thyroid levels optimal (my TSH is zero and my t3 is at the top of the range. I take Synthroid and liothyronine prescribed by my ND), I started LDN, I did a food intolerance test through my ND and cut out foods I was reactive too. I hope you can find something to help your anxiety! I have heard from several people that they love Lavela. It is a natural supplement that involves lavender oil. My ND's office often suggests it. They say it helps a lot. Best of luck to you!

The one thing that has helped me the most with both sleep and anxiety is 5HTP. I don't take it everyday because habitual use makes me too sleepy. I keep the bottle by the bed and if it seems it will take a long time to get to sleep I take one. If I wake up in the middle of the night or just too early, I'll take one more. If I have an appointment or something that will definitely cause anxiety tomorrow I take two before bedtime. It's inexpensive.

I am taking a beta blocker, Bystolic, with an Armour generic combining T3 and T4. I am up to two grains (120) and the Bystolic is 5. I live in CA so my numbers are different from yours. Two grains is an average maintenance dose and I had to demand that my doctor increase the dosage over a year. Low thyroid can cause huge adrenaline problems as the body starts to rely on the adrenals for energy. The problem is that the adrenals don't want to stop and they can run you into panic attacks, diabetes, and heart disease. I take the Bystolic to block my oversensitivity to T3 and hope to leave the beta blocker behind once the thyroid is stable. My blood pressure is normal, my energy is good, and I have lost about 15 pounds without exercise over I just did labs and will be reviewing my thyroid numbers, but every month I continue on this routine my numbers improve. I must stress that I had to demand a beta blocker and the inclusion of T3 in my treatment. My doctor orders the labs and I do the review and dosage adjustment. You must do your research and take charge of your health.Doctors are just gatekeepers.

I have had great results with homeopathy......😊

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