Natural meds for anxiety/jitters

Hi all anyone got any recommendation for natural supplements to help with anxiety jittery feeling caused by hashis. Seeing private endo who is going to put me on T3/t4 combo but not for couple if weeks as she's doing all tests for adrenalines and other stuff before she changes my meds. I'd appreciate any suggestions just to get me through till she sorts me out. Thanks

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  • Mauds, be wary of OTC natural remedies which can be as potent as prescription meds. Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy should be safe enough though and a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow or in the bath can be relaxing.

  • Thanks clutter it's just till I get sorted two weeks to go and hopefully if adrenalines ok I will tolerate the T3 this time.

  • yes ST. john's worth

  • Thanks for reply may try something

  • Your very welcome. It's a vitamin.

  • St John's Wort has been discussed many times.

    For example:

    It is not to be taken without reading up on it properly.


  • Thanks Rod I'll read up on it all. Just back from my local Tesco got rescue remedy I'll try anything.

  • My adrenal specialist has recommended I take magnesium citrate for anxiety, there is much to learn regarding low magnesium and the benefits of supplementing, so worth researching. I know one participant here will remind us to check magnesium levels before taking as this can affect calcium levels, my specialist has not mentioned this and I am supplementing anyway, there is no doubt that magnesium can be a valuable tool in aiding recovery. I also take Epsom salt baths for the magnesium content. Perhaps this is something you could check out.

  • Make sure you eat something every couple of hours. Low blood sugar (reactive hypoglycemia is common in hashi's folk) can make you feel very jittery and anxious. Have something low GI if possible as this will keep your levels more balanced.

    It's good that you're being properly tested, so hang on in there! :)

  • Thanks for reply I take Magnesium with calcium my new endo is testing my bloods for this also. She also thinks I have low blood sugars and is testing for this too. thankfully the past two days anxiety has eased

  • Ashwangandha I found helped me,It helps lots of different things,look it up online

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