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Hi again , my last bloods my vit d was up to level . Should I stop taking the 2000iu now? I was feeling better , could notice difference. But last few days feeling crappy , hard to get out of bed etc. Then I thought vit D can be bad if over level and too high. Any advice please

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How high is it?

72.8 so I've been reassured not too high

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Please add actual results and ranges

Have you had folate, ferritin and B12 retested too

How long since last dose increase in levothyroxine?

78.2 ivd been reassured not too high

I'm 9n ferrous sulfate at mo for low iron

I'm on ferrous sulfate at mo .

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Sleepyachy

How long since levothyroxine was increased

Have you had thyroid levels retested

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Your result on 15th May was 78.2nmol/L - is that what you consider "up to level"? It puts you in the "Sufficiency" or "Adequate" category.

The Vit D Society and Grassroots Health recommend a level of 100-150nmol/L.

The NHS lab which does private Vit D testing for the public gives the "Adequate" category a range of 50.1-220 and over 220nmol/L they say is risk of toxicity.

So, no, you don't stop your 2,000iu D3 daily at the moment, if that was my result I'd continue until I was in the 100-150nmol/L range, preferably 150, then I'd find my maintenance dose by trial and error.

Awe thank you so much Seaside Susie .You found my latest results faster than I could. Awe thanks I will carry on taking then. I just started getting paranoid thinking it was going too high. Only started taking 20th May and I definitely thought I could tell a difference but this last few days just on go slow mode. Might be with the warm weather. I think I prob have another blood test when I've taken all the ferrous sulfate .By looks of it got couple more months on them . Hope your well

🤗 thanks again for your advice x

Just re read that and abit confusing , I haven't only just started taking vit d . I'm on about ferrous sulfate thenx

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