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UPDATE synachten test - morning not possible


Hello everyone

The clinic only opens at 1.30pm so 1.45 it is. Also no way to ask for the test draw prior to injection.

Not much more I can do, just hope the test will be good enough.

Thank you all for your replies :)

I was under the impression that the SST test needed to be done early morning and an ACTH test done first. My test is booked for 8 March. All it says is 'the test involves two sets of blood samples, one before and after an injection into your upper arm. The whole test takes only 5 minutes but you will have to wait around an hour to have the final sample taken'.

This is tricky, if I need to ask for ACTH test. Tiptoeing around making a request and also I am aware I would like to ask for it to be put straight on ice and sent to lab. But I know that is all going to go down like a lead balloon. Patient telling them what to do....

I am thinking to try to reschedule the test to an earlier time in the day. I need a bit more time for the covid jab to take effect anyway and can use that as an excuse.

Just had my first jab and so far so good. Pfizer. I'll report if any side effects.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions very welcome.

Thank you

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Yes, it should be done at around 9 am.

OllyTojo in reply to vienna2010

Thank you Vienna. I think overall I will try to get a 9am appointment just to be on the safe side.


I suggest you have a read here - including the details for preparation:


I don't think there is anything there which says time of day!

OllyTojo in reply to helvella

thank you helvellaI am speaking to a private endocrinologist next week and I think I'll ask his guidance as the details you provide and on the imperial bible both say to take a base level blood test before the ACTH. Thank you for that very helpful.


PaulineS may know

Hopefully may pop along

When I had it done years ago, I was told by two endos that it needs to be done early in the morning for most accurate results. Maybe different doctors take different approaches.

See pages 68 - 70 of this document :


The document details the timing, preparation, what to expect, and how to interpret the results of tests done in a normal NHS endocrinology department.-

And yes - the test should be done at 9am!

OllyTojo in reply to humanbean

Thank you humanbean. i had read that so wanted to check. I am going to try to get a morning appointment and in the meantime am hoping to get some input on the test from Prof W - appointment next Thursday. I'm not sure if I can mention particular people on here.

Ideally it is best done first thing in the morning, however after looking on the NICE guidelines they suggest it doesn't matter if being done for a diagnostic purpose. cks.nice.org.uk/topics/addi... & this: cks.nice.org.uk/topics/addi...

OllyTojo in reply to PaulineS

Thank you Pauline. I will try to get a morning appointment, just in case

I had mine at 9 am. Not a satisfactory test in my opinion. If you’re within ‘normal’ range you’re AOK.

They’re only looking for Addisons.

OllyTojo in reply to Scrumbler

Thank you Scrumbler. Helpful :)

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