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Anyone in the Chorley area with Hashimoto's / M.E. / CFS?


Hello, I am looking to start a local community support group in Chorley (North West), and the surrounding areas, for people with Hashimoto's, M.E., CFS, and / or autoimmune conditions. The support group will aim to offer kind words, advice and help for anyone living with one or more of the conditions. Due to current restrictions this will mostly be set up as on online community on Facebook. However if there are options to meet safely outside, socially distanced, I will arrange wherever possible. Finding people who understand what you are going through and who are in close proximity can sometimes make all the difference if you are struggling with feeling isolated, lonely or misunderstood due to illness symptoms for example. If you are in the Chorley area and interested in joining / creating a local community support group with me, please drop me a message.

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Great idea Veg22!

I'm going to add this to the Pinned Post list (on the right unless you're using a small screen).

Hopefully that will mean more people will see it when they look in on the forum over the coming days.

Veg22 in reply to RedApple

Wonderful, thank you RedApple! 😊

MacG runs a Lancashire support group which meets in Chorley, assuming it is still going. Might be worth contacting her. I would be interested but won't do Facebook, sorry. Best of luck x

Veg22 in reply to bookish

Hi Bookish, many thanks for your message and suggestion. I've dropped MacG a message. I would be happy to send the information via email to you in regards to meeting up, if and when we all can x

bookish in reply to Veg22

Thanks, that would be kind. I'll PM you x

I live near Chorley. I would be interested in a Facebook group or similar.

Hi Orange5, thank you for your message. That's great news, I will pop over a message this evening x

I’m in preston but only get advice from here and the fb group,I’m house bound for 15 years due to other medical issues before thyroid

Not heard anything. Probably not enough of us on here in that area.

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