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Help needed please re: solution for adrenal insufficiency....low morning\noon...high evening\night


Hi all yet again I am bed bound today due to adrenal levels being so low along with declining hypothyroidism. So desperate, mentally and physically......slowly loosing the battle to soldier on.

Writing this post causes me sooooo much stress because I am going against my mental capability so have to force my brain to work to find words etc. So far it has taken me 25 mins to get this far....I am in for a long haul here!!!

Synopsis of my present situation: started on trial dose of NDT 22nd Sept, worked up to 1 + 1/2 grains split dosing but stopping at this dose for now due to unresolved adrenal problem which I now need to start work on, but need some advice.

Cortisol results

MORN 6 (7-30) Low: Should be close to top of range

NOON 3.2. (2.1-14.0) Below range

EVENING 4.7 (1.5-8.0) Not sure

NIGHT 2.5. (0.33-7.0) High should be at bottom of range

So here is where I would appreciate some advice/guidance please.

I plan to use adrenal cortex (ACE) for the lows and Holy Basil for the highs. Is this the right way to go about treating adrenals? Also re: dosing with the adrenal cortex in accordance with cortisol results above, 1 capsule morning 2 noon (cortisol is below range). Is this the right approach?

Also plan to dose with one capsule of Holy Basil at bedtime to lower the high cortisol level in hope of getting some sleep.

Just feel I have to do something otherwise I gonna rot.

Any feedback would really be appreciated.

Thank you

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An excellent book is Adrenal Fatigue, 21st Century Syndrome. But perhaps a naturopath could help. My doctor put me on hydrocortisone many years ago, and I don't think I can ever get off it. I started on Armour Thyroid and felt like myself for the first time in a long time, and then after a week or two, I reverted back to original symptoms. I had read where adrenal and low iron issues have to be treated before taking thyroid meds, so I suspected that was the problem. Not sure doctor did right with hydrocortisone, though. Wish I had better advice for you.

DizzyD in reply to Turner50

Thank you Turner50...I most certainly do not want to go down hydrocortisone path which is why I opted to dose with adrenal cortex and Holy basil. It's early days on my trial of NDT so no sign yet of feeling like myself. I doubt if I will get to feel like myself for quite some time because low cortisol issue needs to be sorted to avoid pooling of T3.

Thank you most sincerely....Have a wonderful evening.

Hope you don't mind me asking: would I naturopath work with adrenal issues? Have you ever been treated by a naturopath? Your post been most helpful

Hi DizzyD, goodness you are having a shocking time aren’t you? Given s Stenosis diagnosis, a recent start on NDT, and suspecting angina I would want a good medical professional to give advice before starting taking anything. Hope you feel better soon.

DizzyD in reply to Miffie

Hi Miffie thank you for your reply. Yes a good medical professional would be ideal preferably one who could put the dots together in respect of how thyroid and adrenal problems effect the heart. Private cardiologist initiated echocardiogram, CT scan and echostress test hence stenosis diagnosis, then he discharged me....told to keep on taking statins and blood pressure meds. No angina diagnosed???? No explanation as to what was causing the angina symptoms!! However he did say it was safe for me to take NDT or T3... I replied, "That's great to hear, because since being on the NDT the angina symptoms have really improved" (not as severe as they were). Really believe heart is finally getting some T3 to its cells it so badly needed but not enough. Low cortisol issue is holding me back from moving forward with NDT trial which is why I am trying to solve low cortisol issue. Hence my initial post here.

My private endocrinologist does not want to treat the low cortisol with hydrocortisone and I agreed with him on that. So done some research and opted for safer option Thorne Adrenal Cortex.

So thank you again for your reply. I am feeling better just knowing there is help and support on this site.

Have a rewarding evening.

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