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Levothyrox: Merck laboratory ordered to pay 1,000 euros to each of the 3,329 complainants


You may recall that a group of patients in France suffered side effects to a new formula of levothyroxine. They changed lactose to mannitol and an analysis found other molecules within the ingredients. This shows us that even simple changes to a medication can have dire consequences for thyroid patients - (you will need to translate this page) - lemonde.fr/societe/article/...

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We wrote about this and the fallacyof simply using pill content of T4 as a proof of equivalence as regards efficiency of uptake for any particular dosage.

Comment on “Levothyrox® New and Old Formulations: Are They Switchable for Millions of Patients?”

March 2020 Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Rudolf Hoermann, John Edward M Midgley, Rolf Larisch, Johannes W. Dietrich

I do wish they had looked into what went wrong with Mercury Pharma in 2010. 10 years later my son and I are still suffering. I understand from a Locum Doctor at our Surgery that there were 3 other ladies in Chelmsford that suffered as well. I know one lady on this forum began to have problems too, but when I enquired of her, she did not get back to me. Were there others as well? When I complained to PALS I was fobbed off until it was too late to complain to the proper authorities. My feeling is that it was a problem with the Acacia Powder. I know there was a change to the way this was heat-treated.

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