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How to space morning meds


I take Lyrica (pregabalin) 150 mg BD for anxiety. I usually take the morning dose with my breakfast (so at least 30 mins after my Levo but usually closer to 1 hour after).

Is this ok? Do I need to take my morning dose later?


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It's advisable to take any medication at least two hours away from thyroid hormone.

ok, i will need to see how i juggle that... I am seriously considering setting an alarm mid sleeping time to take the levo because it is a PAIN to have to wait for my coffee and two hours for my other meds seem unpractical. Thank you

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Many people take Levothyroxine soon after waking, but it may be more convenient and perhaps more effective taken at bedtime

i take lyrica at bed time too and I usually eat very late (as I am Spanish we have dinner at around 8 pm) so that is really even less convenient

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If you always get up for the loo in the night...many members take levothyroxine then.

If you have levothyroxine in weekly pill dispenser...makes it easier too

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Always have taken mine at bed-time.

If it works, and not everyone gets on with doing so, it seems a very good option.

two hours for my other meds seem unpractical.


because I take my lyrica for anxiety and i need to have my meds as soon as possible when i wake up to function properly and because two hours after taking my levo i am working and very likely to forget.

Have you tried taking your levo at night? No point taking the two close together if one is going to affect the absorption of the other. Your anxiety is probably due to low thyroid, so you need to absorb as much of that hormone as possible. You could take it at bedtime, two to three hours after your last meal.

As I have said above, i take my lyrica at bedtime too (just before going to bed, as i should be taking it). I also explained that my dinner times are much later than the British ones so i never go to bed later than one hour or so after eating.

I understand your point but although the hypothyroidsm might be contributing to my anxiety levels my anxiety has absolutely nothing to do with it. I have a very complex mental health including autism (which is neurological and developmental, hence, lifelong), personality disorder, eating disorder and social anxiety. As much as it can have a bit off effect i assure you fixing my thyroid is not going to magically cure a life long of mental health problems.....

The only solution i find to this is set an alarm at around 4 am, which might be the best solution for me

OK Only trying to help. I didn't see that you said you take your Lyrica at bedtime because that comment was not addressed to me.

sorry i get a bit snappy if people try to diminish my mental health problems, I know you are trying to help, I do appologise

And you think I was diminishing your mental health problems? I don't think I was. There's nothing petty about the mental health problems caused by being hypo.

As you haven't yet had your FT3 tested with the FT4 and anti- bodies - it is possible your T3 could be very low and be part of your complex mental health issues. Many patients with bi-polar and other mental health conditions are treated with T3 and it has been used for this purpose for many years. I do know of such people ...

Hope you find some answers soon. Oh - coeliac testing can throw up false negatives. Many Hypos can be gluten sensitive without being a full blown coeliac 🌻

my thyroid was ok july last year and it has always been ok and i had it tested regularly over the years. All my bloods and vitamins have always been ok, i do not recall ever having any numbers out of range ever. Although it might have made my anxiety worse over the last 6-10 months (it has been worse so I'm sure it's linked!!!) there were 30 years of mental health issues with a healthy thyroid before so yeah, they are unlinked.

Hopefuly i wont be coealiac it would be a royal pain to give up gluten! but I'm willing to do it if that's whats needed...

"All my bloods and vitamins have always been ok, i do not recall ever having any numbers out of range ever." Sorry to be the one to have to say this but that is, literally, "impossible."


But we will see what the tests say!! crossing my fingers...

Having been a member here since 2011 I have read many hundreds of posts where members say their results were always fine/normal/OK. When we dig a little deeper we find that only the TSH was tested and sometimes the FT4. The most important T3 is very rarely tested - a hormone needed in every cell of your body and mostly the brain. So without the FULL testing - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti TPO & Anti Tg it is not possible to say your thyroid is fine.

So was your B12 around 500 - Folate and Ferritin mid-range and VitD 100++ ??

You can click onto my username to view my Posts / Replies /Followers/Bio - only takes a minute or two ...


I take a few other meds, including pregabalin. I take my evening dose at 7pm, then my levo dose at 11pm (when I try to go to sleep). This then means I can take my morning pregabalin at 7am, a true 12 hours from the last dose. I don’t know if that would be do-able for you?

Wishing you all the best xx

Sounds like a good idea

Hello, sorry to hear you are struggling and suffering. I understand about anxiety and depression, and I agree with greygoose , she was not diminishing your mental problems. We are all here for each other, and on top of all the physical problems, having anxiety etc is awful. Also, I think with all this going on with Covid19 and the fact that we cannot see light at the end of the tunnel is putting us all under pressure. Take care of yourself and try to keep your chin up. Briarhillcat.

thank you :)

Unfortunately, having labs in "the normal range" does not always mean you are euthyroid. Anxiety can be a symptom of too low or too high thyroid hormones. Have you read Paul Robinson's thyroid books? (Sorry about the underlining--I don't know how to make it stop!

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