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Help with T3 and Thyroid results


Hi all

I was wondering if you might be able to help with the following results. On the advice of a nutritionist a few years ago I started taking T3 to help with reverse t3 issues. It helped for a while but I've been unable to take it for the last 6 months due to sourcing issues. I wanted to get some test done to figure out where I stood. The results are as below

FREE T3 2.4 (2-4.4)

FREE T4 0.792 (0.93-1.7)

TSH 9.21 (0.27-4.2)

is there anything I can do to get my tsh back in range?

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Your post from a year ago shows you have Hashimoto's

Vitamin levels were terrible

When were vitamin levels last tested?

Are you on strictly gluten free diet?

Are you taking any Levothyroxine?

If not you need to start

Getting vitamins retested too

Thank you. My doctor didn't do anything about hashimoto's and said it wasnt an issue as my tsh was in range. I am gluten free now though and vitamins are in range.

Is it common for tsh to raise when people stop taking t3?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to siobhanmt247

What thyroid meds are you taking? Whatever it is, you are currently very undermedicated and need an increase. TSH should be around 1 or below, FT4 and FT3 should be in the upper part of their ranges if you're on Levo only.

vitamins are in range.

But where in range? What are the results, with reference ranges. You may not have optimal levels.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to siobhanmt247

Well high antibodies confirms Hashimoto's

With Hashimoto's the thyroid is attacked and you become hypothyroid

How long after stopping T3 were these tests done?

Assuming more than 8-12 weeks.....

See GP, show them these results ....they may want to do NHS tests first .....and get started on 50mcg Levothyroxine prescription

Bloods should be retested 6-8 weeks after each dose increase

As SeasideSusie says....can you add actual vitamin results and ranges

Marz in reply to siobhanmt247

Doctors don't do anything about Hashimotos - it's too complicated for them - sigh ! You need to decide who you should follow - your GP or the excellent advice from SlowDragon and SeasideSusie - and others. If you want wellness I would follow this Forum 😘

Taking thyroid treatment advice from a nutritionist is as bad as taking nutritional advice from an endo. They know nothing about it.

There are no rT3 issues. If you have over-range rT3, it's because something is wrong. Could be due to deficiencies in your diet, but it could also be due to a lot of other things. But, high rT3 is not a problem in and of itself, and taking T3 is not a cure.

In those results both your FT4 and your FT3 are low. You are obviously very hypo and should be on some form of thyroid hormone replacement - best to start on levo, though. But, your TSH is only high because your FT4/3 are low, and the only way to bring your TSH down is to raise your FT4/3.

Just like rT3, TSH is not a problem in and of itself. It doesn't make you feel anything. It is just an indication that something is wrong.

Hello siobhan I would like to know what is T3 I've heard a lot about it but never known exactly what it is only I've only ever been prescribed thyroxine

Marz in reply to Connieoshea567 This link takes you to explanations of everything Thyroid and is linked to this Forum. We have to read and read to learn for ourselves. I was diagnosed in 2005 and I am still reading and learning ...

You need an increase in levo (or NDT ) - you are now very hypo. It's not rT3 that is the problem, it's that your thyroid hormones FT4 and FT3 are way, way too low for health. Not possible to tell if you need the addition of T3 until your FT4 is near the top of the range and TSH is under 1.

Well I'm On high dose Armour. 90mg 2xs a day. My TSH 0.5 and my T3/T4 both got way lower not higher. Why is it Everytime I increase thyroid meds. The T3/T4 drop?! Do i not need meds but rather something else is going on not hypothyroid? I did have low Iodine months back. Not sure if am now. But I am gaining weight not losing and full of edema. When I stop meds I actually lose weight some. Also, my tsh was 4-5.5 for 2 years until dr upped meds and now it finally got lower on TSH. However for 12 years prior on dose I felt great fit skinny lean and happy. Now. No muscle tone nor able lose edema and look 60 at 36. No dr can tell Me why legs look this way. Aged wrinkled edema and cellulite all on front thighs and heavy sagging in entire leg from eight if fluid probably and butt is same way. I was always fit and muscle thin. Outta blue 2-3 yrs ago completely shifted on no dietary change. I was mainly vegan and still Mostly am. Never any corn wheat gluten or dairy. Please help!

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