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How much t3 should I take

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Can anyone help please? I don’t know what to do.

My bloods are:

T3 3.03 range 3.1-6.8

T4 17.4 range 12-22

Tsh 0.616 range 0.27-4.2

I take 125mcg t4 and 25mcg t3. I’ve been feeling tired, cold and extremely depressed. My doctor doesn’t agree that t3 is necessary so I source my own from abroad. Could someone advise me what I need to do please. I’m so sick of fighting with the medical profession just to feel ok.

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That is an extremely low FT3 result for someone taking 25mcg T3.

How long did you leave between your last doses of Levo and T3 before this test?

Hi. I left it was 28 hours after my levo and 19 hours after my t3.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to JBLOVELL

The correct time gap for last dose of T3 before a blood test is 8-12 hours. By leaving 19 hours your result shows a false low.

Even allowing for your FT3 to be higher if the time gap had been correct, it's likely that it would still be too low and that is unusual for a dose of 25mcg T3 added to Levo. Maybe something is affecting it's absorption, how are you taking your T3 - with food or on an empty stomach like Levo?

I take 12.5mcg t3 with my full dose of t4 a few hours before eating or drinking coffee at 7.30am and then my next 12.5mcg in the afternoon that could be an hour either side of eating lunch. I do take a dose of l-theanine and Pregabalin two hours later.

If you’re taking 25mcg of T3 once a day you should be aware it only lasts for 5-6hrs. I take mine 3 or 4 times a (day depending on how long I’m awake )

I wonder if you would benefit from lowering your levothyroxine. If you are not converting anyway, then it seems that you don't need that much. Perhaps you have high reverse T3 that is causing the the symptoms. Try cutting back to 100mcg T4 and 25mcg T3 split into 2 doses - one with T4 before rising and the other dose at midday before food.

I already spilt my t3 dose. How would reducing my Levo help please?

You can take T3 with food. I do it all the time. You should probably take your T3 about 5 hours apart. I take three doses so I can’t really say what are the best times for you as I am on T3 only.

Please can I ask what time of the day you take your t3? I am also on t3 only...25 twice a day and then half a pill once a day. Doc didn’t say anything about food or what time, so I try to do the smaller dose in the middle of the day. But.. I wonder whether I should take the smaller dose in the evening. I don’t sleep well so wonder whether that might help? Would love your thoughts.

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