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How Do I Get a Prescription for T3?

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How do I get a prescription for T3?

My private consultant has said I need it, but my GP refuses to obtain it on NHS for me. Who would supply the prescription that is needed to buy from eg Germany?

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If your private consultant has said you need it, he could give you a private prescription. To get a prescription on the NHS it has to be initiated by an endo and then prescribing would eventually be passed to your GP, although some CCGs do their best to not prescribe.


Here's the link about German pharmacies that currently will accept UK prescriptions. Not clear if this will remain an option if Brexit ever happens

Private prescription should read

Liothyronine 20mcg x 100 tablets

UK guidelines only allow NHS prescription if NHS endocrinologist agrees clinical need and initial 3-6 month trial T3 prescriptions via endo's hospital, then endocrinologist writes to GP and ongoing care and cost of prescribing transferred to GP


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