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Creatine Kinase levels


Does anyone know about Serum Creatine Kinase levels as last November 18

it was high in the range which could explain the muscle aches/pains

187 iu/L [25.0 - 200.0]

On the same blood test, the Serum creatinine was below range

58umol/L [60.0-20.0]

In Dec 18 my HDL cholesterol was above range

2.4mmol/L [0.0-2.2]

and that is on the list of symptoms on Thyroid UK - . I don't know whether Thyroid UK list means HDL cholesterol, LDL, or total.

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Creatine kinase (CK) is raised when muscles are damaged - and muscles can be damaged in all sorts of ways. So, if you are in the habit of doing very strenuous exercise your CK may be high in range or over the range. Statins cause muscle damage too. Are you on those?

On the above link click on the + signs against each question in the Common Questions section.

Raised CK (yours is in range, not raised) will increase the risk of damage to your kidneys. Whether or not this explains your low creatinine, I'm afraid I haven't a clue.

Regarding cholesterol... High cholesterol mentioned on the Thyroid UK symptoms list is almost certainly referring to high "Total Cholesterol". High cholesterol was considered to be diagnostic for hypothyroidism back in the 1940s, and doctors would follow up such a finding by asking the patient about symptoms to discover whether they might be hypothyroid. (They didn't have thyroid blood tests then, as far as I'm aware, so they had to listen to the patient!)

There are many doctors nowadays who don't even know that cholesterol rises in people with untreated or under-treated hypothyroidism, so would pay no attention to it, other than to prescribe statins (they get paid extra for every prescription of statins).

I never worry about high cholesterol, whether it is Total, LDL or HDL, and I would never take a statin. Cholesterol has a huge number of essential uses in the body. You might find this article interesting :

Yes, I googled creatine kinase. Well, yes, the CK is in range but near the top. No, I wasn't doing any strenuous exercise at that time of the blood tests, though have recently started the gym, but nothing with my arms really as the programme is tailored to me after by the gym people and I told them I have weak arms. When I did try chest press (only 5kg) I found my arms and shoulders were killing me for 2 days. I'm not on statins, my husband is.

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