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Which brand of liothyronine t3

In response to my last thread which had an amazing amount of replies I just wanted a little guidance and your individual feedback on which brand of t3 you’ve tolerated best. I’m particularly interested in anyone on here who is happy with Sigma Pharma or Teva.

I currently take Sigma Pharma and I’ve a constant headache on off through day on taking it. I’ve had sweats, feeling anxious, initially sleep was hard to get, muscle pain and generally feeling tired, on and off sickness. Symptoms have eased a little bit the headache and space brain still occurs. Also if I take it and say I’m driving I feel like my eyes are looking all over and I feel off, so won’t be doing that again.

Also is any of the liothyronine made in the uk?

Thank you all. :)

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I get mine from Germany, manufacturer is Sanofi Aventis. The company address is in Germany but of course they may be manufactured elsewhere. I buy them with a private prescription, costs about £30 a month. I am much better on these than on the last 2 sorts the NHS provided and I am sure the GP's budget is relieved.


Sorry, it is called Thybon Henning


I copied that from a previous thread someone said they took that brand.


Anyone heard of Mylan liothyronine and got good results?

I seem to becoming more ill on the Sigma, emergency blood work done today I feel awful.


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