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T3 morning or evening

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I’m feeling like I need to increase my T3, I’m on T4 -100 &12.5 T3 split dose , do I add the 6.25 to my morning or evening dose ? Thank you.

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Try split doses, see how you go.

I split my dose originally then got fed up because I couldn't have an afternoon coffee and biscuit because of trying to fit to timing of taking thyroid meds, so I ended up taking it all in one dose and for me it made no difference. Some people do find they need split doses though.

Thank you I tried taking my 12.5 in one dose with my thyroxine but didn’t feel quite right. So I went back to split dose trial an error I guess .

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Simplyred57

Yes, it's all about experimenting to find what suits us best.

My Endocrinologist told me specifically to take my T3 and T4 at opposite ends of the day as they do not go well together. So I take my T3 in the morning and my T4 at night. This works really well for me.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Gerispice

First time I have ever heard that!

I actually split my Levothyroxine and take 100mcg at 11pm with 5mcg T3

And 25mcg Levothyroxine at 7am along with 10mcg T3

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Gerispice in reply to SlowDragon

But why do you do that? T4 has a half life of about a week, so unless you’re an excellent converter, it doesn’t matter what time of the day you take it and splitting the dose won’t make any difference. T3 however has a much shorter half life and is available for uptake by the cell receptors very soon after you’ve taken it. At first I tried following Paul Robinson’s method of splitting the T3 into smaller, timed doses, but found I kept having slumps throughout the day and couldn’t get the timing right in order to avoid those. After reading someone else’s experience on here I just take it all in one dose when I wake up and have found I don’t get the nose-dives, I feel great all day, every day. Everyone is different. You have to find what works for you.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Gerispice

Yes, exactly

I was absolutely astonished that splitting my Levothyroxine made any difference.....several others with Hashimoto's have found similar

Took 125mcg all in one go for decades.....taking at bedtime gave much better results than morning

Basically I always found it difficult to tolerate more than 100mcg Levothyroxine at once.

Because I now take T3 as split dose, decided to try splitting Levothyroxine too a

I have experimented a lot with timing and number of T3 doses

I think because I am Heterozygous DIO2 positive, I need regular continuity in T3 supply otherwise pituitary and adrenals go haywire. A small dose T3 every 8 hours is by far best option for me.

Found it impossible to take T3 all in one go

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I find three split doses per day works best at 8 hour intervals

10mcg at 7am, 5mcg at 3pm and 11pm, plus Levothyroxine at 11pm

(dose T3 is 20mcg as advised by my endocrinologist)

It's a case of experimenting on what works best for you

Thank you , How do you fit your vitamins in I’m taking active B12 and b complex and Vit D (spray ) ?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Simplyred57

I take T3 at 6.30-7am

Vitamins - about 9.30 -10am

Vitamin D mouth spray, B complex, vitamin C and vitamin K2 Mk7 (and selenium, zinc just twice week)

Magnesium about 7pm (four hours before taking Levothyroxine and T3)

Vitamin D spray doesn't need to be four hours away from Levo or T3 as its absorbed in mouth not gut

Thank you again for your guidance, I don’t know where I would be without this site ? , yes I do , I would still be very sick and battling with my GP to get well 🙏🏽 xx

Hi, I've been splitting mine. I was finding I'd have 5pm energy crash. Been taking 150mcg levo and 6.25mcg T3 before bed, 6.25 T3 on waking then 12.5 T3 2pm. Still get the odd crash. Never tried taking it all in one go.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to tzracer


Have you tried the higher 12.5mcg dose waking and 6.25 mcg dose mid afternoon?

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tzracer in reply to SlowDragon

No, my theory was that hopefully the 6.25 would get me through the morning and the bigger dose would get me through most active part of the day and evening, but may well give it a try.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to tzracer

Cortisol is higher in morning than afternoon

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tzracer in reply to SlowDragon

SlowDragon Sorry, I've been away, is it better to take the T3 when cortisol is higher? I can't remember if I ever tried the full dose in the morning, but have been reading "Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone" which I've been told concludes with taking the full dose early in the morning. So I have given that a try since last Wednesday and seems ok so far.

I couldn't afford the full day cortisol test but think my adrenals may have been propping up my thyroid long before my diagnosis.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to tzracer

My endo advises higher dose in morning

I take 10mcg waking around 7am

5mcg at 3pm and 5mcg at 11pm

Personally I can't tolerate single dose....but that may be adrenals or more likely because I have Heterozygous DIO2 gene variation so brain needs very regular dose of T3

The only thing I do for adrenal support is take good quality daily vitamin C and make sure vitamin D is at good level. (Vitamin D is actually a pre-steroid hormone)

I was taking t4 since mid 1990s, Then last year I had to add t3 (5mcg) in the am. I take them both at the same time. I wait an hour to eat/drink. Late afternoons and early evenings I was like a zombie. So just last month I got approved to add T3 in the early afternoon (with doctor approval) they said to only take a ½ T3 2.5MCG) early afternoon. Same thing, an hours prior and an hour after of no eating. It has helped tremendously. Now I get a bit tired about 8pm, which is fine

In my experience splitting my NDT for my T3 was very helpful . With splitting doses it's pretty even dosing . I get less peaks and valleys when splitting . If you have a slump in the afternoon you can always add a bit more . Testing Adrenal/Cortisol levels via 24 hours saliva can be helpful too .

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