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helvella Animal Thyroid in The British Pharmaceutical Codex of 1907


I have just created a new document as described below.

At the risk of appearing patronising, if you are not confident and comfortable with your understanding of thyroid issues, this document could confuse. Please simply ignore it.

This document is for historical interest ONLY.

The document is well over a hundred years old.

helvella Animal Thyroid in The British Pharmaceutical Codex of 1907

This document contains text processed by computer and human from The British Pharmaceutical Codex of 1907. This document contains information solely about animal thyroid medicines.

This document is for historical interest ONLY.

So much has changed in our understanding of the science, in our use of units of measurement, in our use of the English language and the context of medicine that it would be entirely wrong and potentially dangerous to apply any of this information to treatment of any sort today.

After the text, I have reproduced the scanned images from the original book. This should help in case of any errors in conversion to text.


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Such great efforts made back then :-) Thank you, most interesting.

Most interesting, been on tablets for over sixty odd years, I am sure over this length of time things have changed greatly.

What an interesting document! Thanks for creating it. I could print it out and save the recipe for the aftermath of Armageddon. I can already imagine my first problem...

1) Find a sheep that survived - there are very few around in my neck of the woods even before Armageddon.

2) Try to catch one of the few survivors.

3) Fail.

Fascinating reading, thank you for posting, I’m going to keep this for the end of the world/civilisation as we know it, which probably means Brexit, in case I have to start making my own thyroid replacement. Although the imprecision of dosing home-made thyroid replacement seems even more daunting even than it is with any of the preparations currently on offer!

Hmmm, watch out woolly inhabitants of the local city farm ...

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