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Taking 100 mcg Tiromel. Do i increase ?

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Hi everyone

I’m currently taking 100mcg Tiromel. My weight is creeping up again so I know my dose is definitely not right.

I was taking cytomel from Mexico but this is currently not available & don’t know how long it will be before it comes back in stock. I was taking 75mcg cytomel & felt brilliant on it.

My question is do I increase my Tiromel ? I have put on 7lb. I know a lot of people disagree but when my levels are right I can lose weight easily. At the moment I am really struggling.

I used to take ndt thyrogold but think I reverse t3 started so I stopped it completely & introduced cytomel. Anyone know when it will be available again ?

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What are your current blood results? Too much T3 causes a rise in rT3 also, as does eating too few calories. Any other symptoms? On T3 only, my weight doesn't really fluctuate, so I'd be looking at cortisol and vitamins as well.

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