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First appointment with consultant, any advice!?

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Hi I have my first appointment at the hospital tomorrow, I’m seeing a thyroid surgeon following neck swelling and strangled sensation. Ultrasound shown large thyroid but otherwise normal. Thyroid bloods always within range, but red and white bloods low. Many symptoms of hypo but also heart palpitations. Increasing pains in chest and pressure to jaw and ears. Voice hoarse, breathless, swallowing can be uncomfortable.

I asked to see endocrinologist to investigate, but they will not see me because results ‘normal’. Also maternal history of goitre. What will the surgeon look into?

What can I expect, what should I ask etc?

Really want to make the most of this referral

No current diagnosis or treatment as yet


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Ask that vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 are tested

Possibly also iodine levels, though low iodine is rare in UK these days

Derbyshire neck was due to there being little iodine in Derbyshire

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