Waiting for appointment, any advice?

Hi every one. I have posted recently but apparently haven't introduced my self. I am 55 and for about 6 years have noticed things changing health wise and thought it was just "that age" for a female. About 3 years ago I finally got fed up, went to the doctor and they did query thyroid but result was normal. I went away and carried on. Another year later, thyroid test and still normal. This year I have even more unexplained symptoms and in a weeks time will be seeing a different doctor, same practice. I have cold/heat intolerance, muscle and joint pain, tinnitus, badly ridged nails, very dry curly hair (used to be vaguely wavy), dry skin, tired dry eyes, puffy face, used to have cheek bones, gained a stone in under 3 months, poor memory and concentration, sometimes anxiety instead of looking forward to doing things. What a catch I am! 😁 There is more but I can't remember...

Sorry this is long winded. How can I convince my doc this is not just my age and actually get some help? I haven't eaten gluten for 3 years as I am intolerant, had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago, unbearable nerve pain in one hand 1 year ago, also can't process lactose now. My daughter is Coeliac, my maternal female cousin has hashi and gluten intolerant, her daughter is Coeliac and has hashimoto's. It seems to be in the family.

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  • Essjay16 You need to get a print out of your thyroid test results, don't just accept them telling you they're 'normal', 'OK' or 'fine'. You are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act so ask for a printer out. Post any results, with reference ranges (important as they vary from lab to lab) and members will comment.

    Ask for an up to date test and considering your family history and symptoms ask for:




    Thyroid antibodies (mention autoimmune thyroid disease is in the family)

    Vit D




    If you can't get them all done by your GP then let us know and we can point you in the right direction for private testing to do at home.

    Post all your results with their reference ranges and members will help.

    When having blood drawn for thyroid tests, book the very earliest appointment of the day and fast overnight (you can have water). This gives the highest possible TSH which is what is needed when looking for a diagnosis.

  • Thank you for your help will make a copy of your advice and get the results, that is hoping I get some tests done!

  • Hi Essjay, even if you are unable for some reason to get your thyroid tests done, please try to at least get the vitamins that Seasidesusie mentioned tested, along with a standard blood panel, as some of your symptoms point to a likely deficiency in those specific vitamins.

  • Thank you dang. Will do. I have been taking Vit D and b complex plus burst of b12 sublingual for nearly 3 years as having done some research thought it might help.

  • How much vit D do you take? Is it in tablet form or in liquid/gel capsule form?

  • Hi dang. Sorry for delay. I take marine and cod liver oil capsules.

    It says 2.5 yg 50%

    Fish oil blend 525mg

    Cod liver oil 268mg

    Omega 3 120mg

    of which epa+dha 85mg

    (Don't have the backwards y for the value on the phone)

  • Ah ok I don't know much about vit D levels in fish oils, but I know that it is a more absorbable form to take it.

    It would still be a good idea to check your vit D levels every now and then. Some people need very little if none at all from supplement, whereas other people require huge doses. I personally took 20,000IU per week for a year since I was deficient, before winter I was finally getting a good reading, I kept taking taking them and by the end of the winter I was back down to the bottom of the range, now my dosage has been increased even more.

    So from my own experience I can tell you it's best to know your results, it's hard yet still possible to overdo vit D, but it's rather easy to be deficient if your body doesn't absorb it well. It's not good to be on either end of that scale.

  • sure sounds clear your hypothyroid and your hand pain is carpal tunnel which is a hypo symptom ...your correct about the link of coeliac with thyroid

    i suspect that all your doctor has ever tested is TSH which if you have Central as opposed to more usual Primary hypothyroid will be liw and be disregarded wheres in primary the TSH climbs

    when you see your doctor ask

    1) exactly what was tested before and what the results and ref ranges were too

    2) request that now

    thyroid Antibodies


    free t4

    free t3




    vit d3

    are all tested as they are all interelated and results must be optimum

    tell him you got advice from a NHS Choices website not just rubbish internet

  • Thank you reallyfedup. Very helpful advice. Last sentence of yours will definitely be used. ☺

  • when you irganise for blood to be drawn make the appt for early morning

    and be sure to fast and only drink water

  • Read and learn so you understand the problems of thyroid treatment.

    There's loads of info on here, STTM and TPA to keep you up all night.

  • Hi Panda321. It has already kept me up 😁, my problem is retaining the info in my very foggy brain. I need a new note book to help. If it's written down I at least can then refer back to it. Sorry, what is TPA?

  • TPA is the charity Thyroid Patient Advocacy. Plenty of info available there and good advice.


  • poor you - I have very similar symptoms and am your age - I was fobbed off for 7 years telling me I was borderline Hypo and my symptoms were due to my 'age' - you really do need to post your TSH T4 and T3 with ranges on a new post and you will get good advice - just ask your doctors reception to print for you . Pursue it - I didn't and have lived to regret it as only recently got meds based on advise from here which I emailed my doctor with. Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply Cazza1001. Sounds like you have had a rough time. It sucks being female as a lot of doctors just think pre-menopausal to start etc. Wish they would think out side the box. I know some do. Let's hope mine does next week. 😨

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