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Please can I have some help with blood tests


I have looked at the graph for over 15 years posted patient access.

It’s the first time I have got into normal range for second 3 things.

I have introduced T3 and been gluton free for 1 year. My belief is that is the reason, blessings because of this forum ,

White count. 3.89. Range. 4-11

RBC. 4.02. 3.80-5.30. 🙂

Haemoglobin est. 122. 120-150. 🙂

Haematcrit 0.38. 0.37-0.45

MCV. 95.8. 83-100

MCH. 30.3. 27-32

MCHC. 317. 310-350

Not sure which input has done it but would very appreciate what I should be aiming for

Would mid range be what I should aim for?

Thank you for any help

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