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Anyone w/ Hashimoto's using Myo-inositol plus selenium?


Saw this recent study in re using MI and Selenium to treat Hashimoto's.

If so, how is it working for you? The MI I have is only 500 mg per capsule, and the study used 600 mg. It seems that expressed in micrograms, the selenium dose used in the study is only 83 per tablet. My capsules are 2009 mcg.

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I'm surprised no expert has commented on this interesting research 😀


I know it has been a while since you asked this question, but I hope this helps. I also searched for advice about inositol, and since I couldn't find anything relevant, I decided to just take it (talked to my doctor first).

This is my experience: I am 35, hypo and hashimoto. After taking 750 mg of inositol for a month now (I take the one from Jarrow), without selenium (I get even more hypo from selenium, makes me very sick) my energy is a bit better and my mood improoved. The most important part is that my other hormones are a lot more balanced and ovulation and menstruation were normal (progesterone was very low). Sleep is amazing since I started inositol, I used to be hypoglycemic and had to eat all tge time, and now that is solved. I cannot eat anything sweet anymore, I can't stand the sweetness, it is nauseating since started inositol. So no sweet cravings anymore.

I will never stop taking it.

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