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Appointment with endo

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Well I finally got my appointment with the endo 5th Feb next year....and today I received a letter saying they are cancelling it due to rearrangement of their clinic and they will contact me with a new appointment as soon aso possible 😡😡 my t3 was 24.2 and this news as just finished me I am suffering really bad with fatigue and tremors I'm also vomiting when doing things..😢😢😢😢😢

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Have you checked all hospitals for shorter waiting lists ? You can be referred anywhere you like.

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birkie in reply to bantam12


To be honest I have not been given that option..but I will be looking in to it


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MaisieGray in reply to birkie

Bantam is correct. You don't need to be given that option, as you already have it:

Choosing a hospital or consultant

If you are referred to a specialist by your GP or other health professional, such as dentist or ophthalmologist, you may have the right to choose which hospital in England to go to for your first outpatient appointment.

You can also choose which consultant-led team will be in charge of your treatment. This means that if you choose a particular consultant for a procedure, you can choose to have your first outpatient appointment at the hospital where the consultant works and be treated by that consultant's team. Learn more about consultant choice.

Once you have decided on a hospital, you could book your first outpatient appointment through the NHS e-Referral Service. This can happen in the following ways:

your GP can book it while you're at the surgery

you can book it online using the Appointment Request letter your GP gives you

you can phone the NHS e-Referral Service line on 0345 6088888 (open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and on weekends and bank holidays 8am to 4pm)

Learn more about patient choice of hospitals.

Under the NHS Constitution, if your GP refers you for a condition that isn’t urgent, you have the right to start treatment led by a consultant within 18 weeks from when you are referred, unless you want to wait longer or waiting longer is clinically right for you. For more information, read our guide to waiting times.

Bloody hell Birkie, if it can go wrong it is. Have you given them a call to ask when it is likely to be rearranged and what is happening to the clinic. Try to impress on the secretary how desperate you are. I think your doctor also has a responsibility to stop shirking and help you get sorted. There is some good advice in the other posts that should help.

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