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Endo appointment

My GP has now referred me to an Endocrinologist and has accepted my request to see one that is on the list for being thyroid friendly. She made a little quip that it may be good to see him when she read under his clinical interests as "medically unexplained symptoms", in other words the symptoms that she thinks are all in my head!

The appointment wasn't until January but they have just phoned to give me a cancelled appointment for tomorrow so now I'm panicking because all the questions I wanted to ask have all drained from my brain, like most things do with me at the moment - and I used to be so bright!!

Can any of you give me any ideas as to questions I need to ask, my GP has made me very withdrawn as she looks at me as if I'm daft if I mention anything to do with my thyroid, they've now diagnosed me with Asthma (something to do with Leukotrienes), Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis (diagnosed many years ago) and obviously the Hashimotos (which they say is fine as It can't be that causing my many symptoms as my bloods are all normal!!!). Thank you so much in advance.

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That's good. Look at the Thyroid UK website - they have tick lists for symptoms. Do you think you are hypo or hyper?

I was hyper but whe I presented at the very end of August the doctor I saw looked at me like I was a total hypochondriac and nuts with it and said 'You're needing your holiday' - I was going the following week. I came out seething, I know I felt ill, my heart was pounding out if my chest and I had a stack of other symptoms - I suspected I had some sort of auroimmune problem - Sjorgens or Lupus - I never thought of thyroid because I had been checked to see if I was underactve many years ago and told I was borderline hyper! If only I'd paid more attention.

SO - don't let your doctor make you feel you're a hypochondriac - after my experience I always say 'If your doctor makes you feel like a hypochondriac the you've probably got thyroid problems'.

Get yurself a notebook and keep it for everything connected with your thyroid - test results, how you feel, thinkpgs yu have read etc etc, everything.

I would make a fairly brief bullet pointed list of your main symptoms, maybe mention how you used to be and go from there.

Even though the guy has been recommended don't go expecting too much, I was almost always disappointed after my endo visits and my hospital was a very good one and the staff were pretty good too, I don't know what it was really, so if you don't expect too much then you won't be disappointed, I know that probably sounds awful.

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Your GP is an idiot if she thinks Hashi's doesn't cause symptoms.

Hopefully, the Endo will be sensible and sympathetic and will diagnose you as hashimoto's. Members who have Hashi's will respond and this is a link from All you need to say is you have had varied symptoms which make you feel quite unwell and you desperately want a proper diagnosis.

Let the Endo do the diagnosing and don't suggest negatives. You are unwell and want relief of clinical symptoms.

I was diagnosed with a lot of 'rubbish' which proved not to be the case yet the 'experts' didn't suggest 'thyroid' but a person who did First Aid after about 7 years of me deteriorating did. Many are diagnosed with a medical condition which is actually a symptom of a thyroid gland dysfunction and are then prescribed a medicine for it instead of thyroid hormones which covers the whole body, not just one part of it.

It will be good to know how you get on with your consultation. No need to be anxious.


I think what fruitandnutcase said worked for me. Print the list tick the symptoms you have. Write down what outcome you'd like from the appointment and don't put your hopes up its so sad to be disappointed. write down all the tests you'd like done too. Wishing you luck!!

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Thank you all, I've just spent the last couple of hours trying to cobble together my notes and any relevant info so hopefully I won't forget anything.... except probably my note pad and relevant info ☺️. I'll let you know how I get on, I really do hope I'm not disappointed again.


CABdutch, I think your GP's quip was rather offensive. Someone said "It's not in your head, it's in your mitochondria".

It's recognised that a number of biochemically euthyroid patients suffer hypothyroid symptoms. If you are not currently on Levothyroxine ask whether a 3 month trial is feasible to see whether symptoms improve. If your TSH is low and FT4 high on Levothyroxine but FT3 is low, ask for a trial of T3 added to Levothyroxine.

Be specific about symptoms, for instance, the heating is full on but I feel cold to the core unless I'm wearing 2 sweaters, thermal underwear, two pairs of socks and gloves in the house/under the duvet; I'm gaining weight or can't shift weight despite x amount of daily calories, and x amount of exercise daily or x times a week; and I'm losing so much hair I'm blocking the shower, bath, sink drain etc.

Good luck tomorrow!


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


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