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Advice on Blue Horizon results please..

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Hi all,

Have had some results back today and I have 2 questions I hope someone can help me with.

Firstly, should I be concerned that my TSH is as low as it is? -and my FT4 has increased since my last test (In August my TSH was 0.52 and FT4 was 17.70 - same ranges)

I take 125 then 150 thyroxine on alternate days. Also, I made some big changes in August (because I was feeling so cr*p). I started supplementing and I went completely Gluten and Soy free. Generally I am starting to feel a lot better but it's still a bit up and down.

Do I need to lower my thyroxine dose slightly to increase TSH and FT4? The notes with my test stated concerns about hyper.

Second thing, my Ferritin level has shot right down since my last test (which was 65.9, same range) despite supplementing with 10ml liquid iron every day. I try and incorporate iron in my diet but it obviously isn't enough??

Would appreciate any advice, thank you x

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Sorry your post was missed. This is extremely busy forum

Yes your ferritin is on low side. Eating liver or liver pate once a week or other iron rich foods plus vitamin C can improve iron absorption

Yes possibly you might want to reduce Levothyroxine dose very slightly

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