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A little while ago I found a post about this gentleman from a member who had seen this consultant in October - it is a private message - BUT AT PRESENT I AM UNABLE TO REPLY TO IT - IN SIMPLE WORDS - HOW CAN i DO THIS PLEASE?

Apologies for such a silly question so any help would be much appreciated. Also where on earth do we have our images of happiness, sadness etc?

Many thanks.

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Are you trying to reply a private message sent to you?

If so then click on CHAT at the top of this page, that will bring up any private messages that have been sent to you. You then find the message you are looking for, click on it and you can reply to it by typing in the box below that message.

Also where on earth do we have our images of happiness, sadness etc?

Do you mean these :) and :(

You have to type them in yourself using the appropriate key strokes or if on a phone or tablet there are usually click on ones.

This was a question from another person in our forum SeasideSusie but you had turned off the facility to reply to as (rightly) it was in accord with our own guidelines. Sorry to be so slow but brain fog is a bit of a pain as many of much appreciated colleagues here know.

As ever your help is much appreciated.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to victoria99


It is a "post" on the form, not a "private message" - a private message is just that - messages between members off forum, in private, by using the CHAT facility indicated at the top of the page where either the word CHAT is showing or the 2 balloons.

Another member of the Admin team turned off replying to that post.

You cannot reply to that post on the forum. If you want to communicate with the member who asked that question, you will have to click on her user name and use the private message facility.

Dear SeasideSusie

I must apologise to you and to Mary-intussuception for being such a pain to both of you; needless to say I very grateful to both ladies for their help and support. Brain fog, etc. rules the roost and is in place for me right now but Iam trying hard to change this. I am going to stick a wee label beside my computer so I will remember how to conduct myself correctly in our forum. I did try another way to guide me through "the fog" - it was great too but it was too fast with lovely wee images showing us how to do it all. Great stuff and thanks for the authors of these too. One part of my team (husband) is phoning and I am computing or trying to! Kind regards to you Seaside Susie and also to Mary-intussuception also. God bless you in all things. Victoria99


I don't have 'CHAT' at the top of my page.

The way into messages on mine is by clicking on the two balloons, 3rd symbol from left at top of page.

Or clicking on 'message" via the person's profile .

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Mary-intussuception


On my PC the two balloons have the word CHAT at the side of them.

Thanks. Mine don't.


I don't think we are supposed to post Doctor's names on here.

You replied to my private message ok.

If you go back to your post and click on the name of the person who sent you the message then click on "message " when their profile comes up.

You should see a blank box which reads 'write message '

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Mary-intussuception


We can ask for information about a doctor, in which case the name has to be mentioned. It's just that we can't discuss any doctor on the open forum without their permission, so when someone names a doctor asking for information we have to close the post and request all information is sent by private message.

Things are becoming a wee bit clearer Seaside Susie - will add this to my computer keyboard. Much appreciated - Victoria99

Thanks for clarification Susie.


The face symbols on my phone keyboard are to the left of the space bar.

I have just received your private message.

When I replied to you - the information was that you had no replies yet. You seemed to be anxious, in a bit of a panic I did a quick reply , trying to assist you.

Yes, I now see that you have been replied to by SeasideSusie.

To quote you : "ENOUGH SAID"

Dear Mary - I have responded to SeasideSusie's answers to me. All I can do is thank you very much for all your help and support - I appreciate this as I do hers more than either of you know. God bless you in all things - Victoria 99!


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