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Thyroid results

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Hi, I’m back😕 I need some advice please x

Ok so I have hash and my bloods have been swinging for a while. I can’t find a happy medium. I was on 100mcg and eventually that wasn’t enough so another 25 wAs added -(125) a day and that was too much so we alternated (100/125) that got me back in range for a while and then on that dose eventually I was again taking too much and it was out of range so I would drop back to 100 a day and as soon as my tsh got to 3.00 I would go alternate days again because anything over three and I feel unwell (1.00) is ideal for me. So I was sent to a consultant who told me to take 100 a night but every third night to take 125. I did that and my tsh went from 2.5 to 3.28 in four weeks. So he then told me to alternate 100/125 and my tsh went up to 6.39 and t4 22.9 . So he then told me to take 125 for five nights and 100 for two nights and now my tsh is 3.9 but my t4 is 25.700. I’m waiting to hear from him but what has thrown me and I wanted to run this past you was that medichecks have suggested my leyvo is too low and people on a thyroid site think I’m taking too much. I have had head pressure since I last upped my dose to five nightss of 125 and two of 100. I’m really worried about it as I could be starting a new job and it’s xmas 😕

5 Replies
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So, what was your FT3 on your medichecks results? That is the most important number.

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NIcolaRenae in reply to greygoose

I didn’t have it done this time because I couldn’t afford it but my own Doctors results have just arrived. So these ones were taken the day after the medichecks one (I was asked unexpectedly to have them done and so I didn’t mention I had his sent one off to medichecks ) this is the doctors

Tsh 3.33 t4 20.4. So why would my t4 the day before be 25.700?

The consultant at the hospital has emailed me and and said this ....

“What was the dose on the day this blood sample was taken? Given that dose varies, fT4 level will vary based on the dose that morning. Blood tests on 30th Nov was fine with TSH- 3.33 and fT4- 20.4.

However at this level it is less likely to give you the symptoms you are describing.

Given that TSH has come down, may be worth continuing current dose.

fT3 has been checked only on 1st Nov, when it was pretty normal at 4.4 when fT4 was 17.1 with TSH- 3.28. So no benefit in rechecking. There is no evidence of lack of conversion from T4 to T3”.

Also here are some vitimins I have had done

Ferritin 60.4

Vit d 70.1

B12 346

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greygoose in reply to NIcolaRenae

Well, a TSH of 3.28 is not ok, it is still hypo and you are under-medicated. There are no ranges with those Free results, which makes them impossible to interpret, but if they were the usual sort of range, they would both be about mid-range. But, if you take your levo on the day of the test - you should leave a gap of 24 hours - then it will skew the results, and the test will be meaningless.

Did you take your levo on the day of the test? At what time? What time was the blood draw?

The FT3 is the most important number, so if you have to chose between FT4 and FT3, always chose the FT3. Even so, that will mean you won't know if it's low because you are under-medicated, or because you have a conversion problem. But, you'll never know that unless you test the two.

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NIcolaRenae in reply to greygoose

The one with medichecks was taken at 9.25 am and I took my meds at 4.30am

The doctors surgery one was taken 8.40am and as usual took my meds 4.30am

The ranges for tsh are 0.27_4.20

T4 range is 12_22.00

B12 range 180_2000

Ferritin range 41_400 normal

25oh cholecalciferol vid d 50_75 adequate

I know you say I need to get t3 tested and I will but do you think the head pressure is from being under medicated or taking too much? I the consultant seems to think with a tsh of3. 33 and T4 20 I wouldn't have head pressure. I my head just feels full

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greygoose in reply to NIcolaRenae

So, both those FT4 results are skewed. And, as the TSHs were done at such different times, you can't compare them.

The tests are worthless.

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